Symposium and book launch | Ferenczi Dialogues | 7 July 2023, Freud Museum London

Ferenczi Dialogues. On Trauma and Catastrophe

A symposium and book launch dedicated to the volume Ferenczi Dialogues: On Trauma and Catastrophe, by Raluca Soreanu, Jakob Staberg, and Jenny Willner.

To mark Sándor Ferenczi’s 150th birthday, on July 7 the three authors will be in conversation with cultural theorists, psychoanalysts and the audience on Ferenczi’s contemporary relevance for psychoanalysis and social theory. We will celebrate Ferenczi’s birthday, while thinking through his enduring voice. This event will also mark the acquisition of the Sandor Ferenczi’s Archives at the Freud Museum.

With the participation and commentaries by: Lisa Baraitser, Antal Bókay, Ana Minozzo and Ana Tomcic.

7 July, 6:00 pm - 8:30 pm
Freud Museum London

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