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Publishing is our expertise

With over 50 years of experience, Leuven University Press has built a strong reputation as an international academic publisher. In addition to academic publications in the Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences, we also publish Art & Artists' Books in collaboration with museums, galleries, and cultural institutions.

Are you looking for professional guidance for your book projects?

Whether it's a book on art, history or science, an exhibition catalogue, a commemorative book, or a publication for a special project, Leuven University Press can help you realise your book project.

We publish each volume with care and attention to detail. Together with an extensive network of partners, we guide you through every stage of the production process. Depending on your needs, we provide editing, translation, design, printing, warehousing, national and international distribution, and promotion. We manage your project from manuscript to the moment you hold the printed book in your hands.

Publishing books is in our DNA, for over 50 years. Our strengths:

  • Academic standing
  • Expertise in Art & Artists' Books
  • National and international collaborations
  • Expert advice and craftsmanship at every stage of the production process

Interested in a collaboration?

Contact Annemie Vandezande at +32 16 32 53 45 or email annemie.vandezande@lup.be. We look forward to collaborating with you on your book project.


Below some examples of our collaborations

Bespoke Publishing

Congoville: Contemporary Artists Tracing Colonial Tracks. Hedendaagse kunstenaars bewandelen koloniale sporen
Pieter Boons, Sandrine Colard (eds)

Exhibition catalogue in collaboration with Middelheim Museum
Bilingual linen hardback (Dutch/English) and Open Access ebook (Dutch/English + Dutch/French)

Book series on operas and music theater works in collaboration with Opera Ballet Vlaanderen
Compact paperback editions and ebook versions


 Bespoke Publishing

Francis Alÿs. The Nature of the Game
Gerard-Jan Claes, Stéphane Symons (red.)

Academic publication accompanying the exhibition 'Children’s Games' by Francis Alÿs (Wiels, September 2023 to January 2024)
Paperback and Open Access ebook

Worlds in a Museum: Exploring Contemporary Museology
Publication from the symposium 'Worlds in a Museum' organized by Louvre Abu Dhabi and École du Louvre
Paperback and ebook


Bespoke Publishing

The Art of Being Dangerous: 
Exploring Women and Danger through Creative Expression

Jo Shaw, Ben Fletcher-Watson (eds)
Publication in collaboration with the Dangerous Women Project.
Paperback and ebook


Latest Catalogue


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  • The Legacy of Elise Hall
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  • De circulaire economie in de vroegmoderne Nederlanden
  • Muslim Marriage and Non-Marriage
  • Modern Etruscans
  • Documenting Ancient Sagalassos
  • Watching, Waiting
  • Catholicism and the Welfare State in Secular France
  • Dirk Lauwaert. Selected Writings, 1983-2008
  • Francis Alÿs. The Nature of the Game
  • The Belgian Photonovel, 1954-1985
  • Epicureanism and Scientific Debates. Antiquity and Late Reception
  • Van hof naar kapel
  • Landscapes of Liberation
  • The Book of Requiems, 1550-1650
  • Adellijk en artistiek
  • Silver Empowerment
  • Building Collaborative Governance in Times of Uncertainty
  • Islamophobia as a Form of Radicalisation
  • Ongelijkheid
  • TSEG - Volume 19 - Issue 2 - 2022
  • Living Politics in the City
  • Unfinished Histories
  • Immanent Transcendence
  • History of Japanese Art after 1945
  • Anarchy of the Body
  • Exploring the Transnational Neighbourhood