Mediaevalia Lovaniensia Series 1 Studia

Since 1972 the series Medieavalia Lovaniensia, founded by the Institute for Medieval and Renaissance Studies (IMRS) at the KU Leuven, sponsors high-quality medieval scholarship with a strong emphasis on cultural and intellectual history of the Middle Ages. In keeping with the research tradition of the Institute, the series focuses on in-depth source-based studies and thorough philological analyses.


Researchers and graduate students in the field of Medieval and Renaissance Studies. 

Editorial Board

Geert Claassens (Leuven), Pieter De Leemans (Leuven), Jeroen Deploige (Gent), Baudouin Van den Abeele (Louvain-la-Neuve)


Mediaevalia Lovaniensia
 accepts monographs as well as thematically coherent edited volumes in English and French (without excluding the possibility of other scholarly languages). Moreover, it offers the possibility to publish critical editions of medieval texts. Contributions to the series should be set up to be a specialist reference work for a broad audience of academic readers.
Manuscripts should preferably be (+/-) 80.000 to 120.000 words in length.

The editors and the publisher would welcome proposals. To submit a proposal, please send a preliminary abstract to one of the editorial board members or directly to the publisher. Upon approval of the proposal, the full manuscript will be submitted to international peer review.
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