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Marie Bourguignon, Bieke Nouws, and Heleen van Gerwen | Translation Policies in Legal and Institutional Settings

Using case studies of past and present translation policies in different parts of the world, Translation Policies in Legal and Institutional Settings effectively illustrates how a multidisciplinary perspective furthers our understanding of translation policies and unveils their intrinsic connection to issues such as multilingualism, linguistic justice, minority rights, and citizenship. In this Q&A, editors Marie Bourguignon, Bieke Nouws, and Heleen van Gerwen discuss the story behind the project and offer recommendations for those interested in the topic.

Lore Van Praag | Co-creation in Migration Studies

Lore Van Praag | Co-creation in Migration Studies
How do co-creative methods contribute to efforts to understand and facilitate integration processes of migrants in migrant societies? Co-creation in Migration Studies aims to analyse the use of co-creative methods in migrant research and policy making, to reflect on the conditions necessary to successfully implement these methods, and to offer new insights and recommendations for future research and policy making practices. Editor Lore Van Praag shares some insights from behind the scenes and talks about what this project entails.

Gabriella Nugent | Colonial Legacies

Gabriella Nugent | Colonial Legacies

In Colonial Legacies, Gabriella Nugent examines a generation of contemporary artists born or based in the Congo whose lens-based art attends to the afterlives and mutations of Belgian colonialism in postcolonial Congo. Nugent analyses artworks, and demonstrates how their practices create a new type of visual record for the future. “I have always thought that the concerns addressed by the artists in my book were pressing, but it has been interesting to see them pushed to the forefront of art history, as well as museums and other institutions,” she states. 

Roel Smeets | Character Constellations

Roel Smeets | Character Constellations

Fiction plays a key role in shaping the image of social groups within societies? In his book Character Constellations, Roel Smeets delves into 170 contemporary Dutch-language novels, and using data-driven, statistical models, he analyses depictions of characters in terms of gender, race, ethnicity, class, age, sexuality, and other identity categories to understand the influence behind cultural representation and identity, and the role fiction and art have on these topics.

Wim Van Petegem, JP Bosman, Miné De Klerk, and Sonja Strydom | Evolving As a Digital Scholar

As the world keeps evolving towards a digitalized future, developing technologies also find their way into the higher education institutions and the need to design courses by incorporating necessary educational tools and materials is present more than ever. In this book, scholars Wim Van Petegem, JP Bosman, Miné De Klerk, and Sonja Strydom aim to provide both a framework and a guideline to help scholars acquire the necessary skills and qualifications to curate a digital approach to their work.

Hilde Van Gelder | Ground Sea

Hilde Van Gelder | Ground Sea

Imagine a world in which every individual has the fundamental right to be reborn. This vain dream haunts Ground Sea, Hilde Van Gelder's associative travelogue.


Stel je een wereld voor waarin elk individu het fundamentele recht heeft om herboren te worden. Deze ijdele droom waart rond in Ground Sea, Hilde Van Gelder's associatief reisverslag.

Mohit Chandna | Spatial Boundaries, Abounding Spaces

Mohit Chandna | Spatial Boundaries, Abounding Spaces
The colonial project is far from over and it continues to determine our lives through the borders that surround us. In order to understand here and now, one needs to start with there and then.

Ernst Wolff | Martin Versfeld

Ernst Wolff | Martin Versfeld
Go and read Versfeld! His philosophy develops this basic orientation in an ethics of simplicity, in critique of injustice, often with irony and humor, but without ever being frivolous.

Bruno Yammine | Fake news in oorlogstijd

Bruno Yammine | Fake news in oorlogstijd

Ik hoop dat de lezer met een kritischere blik dan voorheen feiten bestudeert. En ook: dat hij/zij zich realiseert dat wat een gemeenschap vorm geeft, nationalistische verhalen, in grote mate een nevenproduct is van propaganda.

Patrick Develtere, Huib Huyse, and Jan Van Ongevalle | International Development Cooperation Today

Today's challenge is to make modern international development cooperation a principled approach that seeks win-wins wherever possible, in tandem with programmes that address long-term structural challenges and promote the interests of more vulnerable partners.

Jo Shaw | The Art of Being Dangerous

Jo Shaw | The Art of Being Dangerous
The Art of Being Dangerous offers many different images of women, some humorous, some challenging, some well-known, some forgotten, but all unique. In a dazzling variety of creative forms, artists and writers of diverse identities explore what it means to be a dangerous woman.

Peter Ludlow | European Council Studies

Peter Ludlow | European Council Studies

Launched twenty years ago and based on a wide range of published and unpublished sources, the European Council Studies written by Peter Ludlow provide a continuous, highly readable and independent narrative of the politics and policies of the European Council. 


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