Funding schemes

In addition to traditional (non-Open Access) publishing, we also embrace Open Access as an academic publishing model and support our authors in publishing their book in OA through various funding programmes. 

The KU Leuven Fund for Fair OA

In order to make Open Access publishing accessible and affordable to as many researchers as possible, KU Leuven established the KU Leuven Fund for Fair Open Access in January 2018. It provides financial support for books published in immediate and fair Open Access by Leuven University Press. This university-funded initiative is unique worldwide and makes a substantial contribution in making Gold Open Access publishing a reality.

Regardless of their affiliation, all authors can apply for financial support first after their proposed book project has been approved by the editorial board of Leuven University Press. More details about the Fund can be found here >

Other Funding Programmes

In addition to the KU Leuven Fund for Open Access, Leuven University Press actively engages in various funding programs to publish books in Open Access. We collaborate with initiatives such as Knowledge Unlatched, participate in JSTOR’s Path to Open pilot and have joined the Open Book Collective.

Open Access conversion after publication

Authors who have previously published traditional (non-Open Access) books with us between 2 and 5 years ago have the option to convert their work to Open Access. Fees range between 1800 and 3000 EUR + VAT. 

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