The Book of Requiems

Reference work for musicologists, music theorists, performers, and music lovers

Few western musical repertories speak more to the imagination than the Requiem mass for the dead. The Book of Requiems presents in-depth essays on the most important works in this tradition, from the origins of the genre up to the present day. Each chapter is devoted to a specific Requiem, and offers both historical information and a detailed work-discussion. Conceived as a multi-volume essay collection by leading experts, The Book of Requiems is an authoritative reference publication intended as a first port of call for musicologists, music theorists, and performers both professional and student.

The Book of Requiems is a multi-volume set. 

Forthcoming volume:
The Book of Requiems, 1650-1720, edited by David J. Burn and Antonio Chemotti

More volumes will be announced soon.

The Requiem repertory is actually very extensive. With the series we hope to deepen knowledge about well-known pieces, and introduce some less well-known ones to specialists, music performers, and a musically interested broad public.
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The Book of Requiems will become a primary reference tool on this fascinating genre and serve as a crucial aid to researchers, performers, and students of various disciplines. 
Grayson Wagstaff, The Catholic University of America
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