Current Issues in Islam

Current Issues in Islam is a series of scholarly, peer-reviewed publications initiated by the Gülen Chair for Intercultural Studies (GCIS) (2010-2020) at KU Leuven.

 GPRCGulen Chair

The publications in the series provide insight into the daily life and major developments within intercultural and interreligious settings where Islam features as an important dynamic. They bring original, well-researched, and critical appraisals that aim to contribute to the on-going academic debate in this field as well as providing insights to policymakers and stakeholders working to develop and deliver new ideas for social cohesion and peaceful community relations.

Editorial board
Baderin, Mashood, SOAS, University of London
Fadil, Nadia, KU Leuven
Goddeeris, Idesbald, KU Leuven
Hashemi, Nader, University of Denver
Leman, Johan, GCIS, emeritus, KU Leuven
Nicaise, Ides, KU Leuven
Pang, Chinglin, University of Antwerp, and KU Leuven
Platti, Emilio, emeritus, KU Leuven
Schallenbergh, Gino, KU Leuven (†)
Tayob, Abdulkader, University of Cape Town
Stallaert, Christiane, University of Antwerp, and KU Leuven
Toğuşlu, Erkan, GCIS, KU Leuven
Zemni, Sami, Universiteit Gent
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