Studies in European Comics and Graphic Novels

Studies in European Comics and Graphic Novels presents state-of-the-art contributions on comics and graphic novels. The series publishes research on European comics and graphic novels and aims at stimulating scholarship on European BDs. It includes titles from scholars working in different disciplines, such as history, literary criticism, literary theory, art history, and visual studies. Typical themes to be addressed will comprise European graphic novels and comics in historical context; gender and other social identity analysis; theorizations; and detailed case studies or wider surveys. The series publishes monographs and collections for university-level researchers and ambitions to advance knowledge of this still relatively under-discussed subject.


All volumes will be published in English, but the comics and graphic novels under investigation will be of any European language and from any European culture. Like graphic novels and comics, Europe itself is hard to define, and the approach for the series will be open and not overly prescriptive.

Editorial Board
The editorial board is composed of leading scholars from literature, visual arts, and historical studies: Hugo Frey, Editor in Chief (University of Chichester), Jan Baetens (KU Leuven), Bart Beaty (University of Calgary), Christopher Pizzino (University of Georgia), and Ann Miller (University of Leicester).

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