Studies in Archaeological Sciences

Studies in Archaeological Sciences presents state-of-the-art methodological, technical or material science contributions to Archaeological Sciences. The series aims to reconstruct the integrated story of human and material culture through time and testifies to the necessity of inter- and multidisciplinary research in cultural heritage studies. Studies in Archaeological Sciences aims to publish at least one volume a year and accepts monographs as well as coherent edited volumes in English. Contributions should be set up to be a specialist reference work for a broad audience of academic readers. Manuscript should be 80.000 to 120.000 words in length and may include graphs and tables in black and white. All contributions are submitted to international peer review. 


Researchers and graduate students in fields such as Archaeology, Archaeological Sciences, History, Conservation and Cultural Heritage Studies and Museum Sciences.

Prof. Patrick Degryse, Centre for Archaeological Sciences, KU Leuven, Belgium

Editorial Board
Prof. Ian Freestone, Cardiff Department of Archaeology, Cardiff University, United Kingdom
Prof. Carl Knappett, Department of Art, University of Toronto, Canada
Dr. Andrew Shortland, Centre for Archaeological and Forensic Analysis, Cranfield University, United Kingdom
Prof. Manuel Sintubin, Department of Earth & Environmental Sciences, KU Leuven, Belgium
Prof. Marc Waelkens, Centre for Archaeological Sciences, KU Leuven, Belgium

Invitation to future Advisory Board members
Scholars interested to join the Advisory Board of this new series are cordially invited to contact Prof. Patrick Degryse (Editor-in-Chief) or one of the editorial board members.

The editors would be interested to receive proposals. To submit a proposal please contact Prof. Patrick Degryse (Editor-in-Chief) or one of the editorial board members.

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