Online event | Black Matrilineage, Photography and Representation | 21 April 2023

Postcolonialism and Migration in French Comics

Black Matrilineage, Photography and Representation (Leuven University Press, 2022) is a new publication that questions how the Black female body navigates interlocking structures that place a false narrative on her body and that of her maternal ancestors.Using this book as a starting point, this roundtable seminar will place the editors and contributors to the book in dialogue with each other to reflect on their work.”

This interdisciplinary panel will include academics and artists, including Lesly Deschler Canossi and Zoraida Lopez-Diago (co-editors of this volume and co-founders of Women Picturing Revolution), along with additional guests.

Black Matrilineage, Photography and Representation is entirely Open Access, and is available for free. This means that attendees can, if they choose to, engage with the book in its entirety before attending the seminar.

This event is made possible by support from the British Association of American Studies.

Date and time
Fri, 21 Apr 2023, 16:00 BST


Please register on EventBrite and you will receive a Zoom link in advance of the event.

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