Militant Jihadism

Today and Tomorrow

Edited by Serafettin Pektas and Johan Leman

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Scholarly analysis of evolving jihadist organisation, strategies, and operation
Jihadist militants keep being a global threat. Many observers suggest that a transformation is likely to happen in their organisation, operation, mobilisation, and recruitment strategies, particularly after the territorial decline of the “Caliphate” of the “Islamic State.” This volume explores different aspects of the future trajectories of militant jihadism and  the prospective transformation of this movement in and around Europe. The authors analyse the changing jihadist landscape and networks, and the societal challenges posed by both returned foreign terrorist fighters and those who have not returned to their countries of origin. Other topics of discussion are cyber jihadism, jihadist financing, women's position in and relevance for contemporary jihadism, the role of prisons in relation to radicalisation and militancy, and the changing theological dynamics. Based on recent empirical research, Militant Jihadism offers a solid scholarly contribution to various disciplines that study violence, terrorism, security, and extremism.

Contributors: Mohamed-Ali Adraoui (Georgetown University), Laith Alkhouri (Flashpoint), Nadim Houry (Arab Reform Initiative), Adolfo Gatti (Lumina Analytics), Stef Janssens (MYRIA), Johan Leman (KU Leuven), Serafettin Pektas (Researcher), Anita Perešin (Office of the National Security Council of the Republic of Croatia), Teun van Dongen (Independent Security Expert), Arturo Varvelli (ISPI).

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This publication is GPRC-labeled (Guaranteed Peer-Reviewed Content).

Note on translation and transliteration

Johan Leman & Serafettin Pektas

1. Salafism, Jihadism and Radicalisation: Between A Common Doctrinal Heritage and The Logics of Empowerment
Mohamed-Ali Adraoui

2. The Libyan Jihadist Outlook: Origins, Evolutions and Future Scenarios
Arturo Varvelli

3. The “Unreturned”: Dealing with the Foreign Fighters and Their Families who Remain in Syria and Iraq
Nadim Houry

4. Cyber Jihadism: Today and Tomorrow
Laith Alkhouri

5. The Role of Women in Post-IS Jihadist Transformation and in Countering Extremism
Anita Perešin

6. The More Things Change, The More They Stay the Same: The Post-Caliphate Jihadist Modus Operandi in Europe
Teun van Dongen

7. Jihadists in Belgian Prisons
Johan Leman

8. Urban Terrorist Sanctuaries in Europe: The Case of Molenbeek
Adolfo Gatti

9. Migrant Smuggling Networks and Jihadist Terrorism
Johan Leman & Stef Janssens

10. Prospects for Counter-Theology against Militant Jihadism
Serafettin Pektas

Concluding Considerations
Johan Leman & Serafettin Pektas

About the Authors

Format: Edited volume - paperback

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ISBN: 9789462701991

Publication: October 02, 2019

Series: Current Issues in Islam 6

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Johan Leman is professor emeritus of Social and Cultural Anthropology at KU Leuven and President of FOYER, a regional minorities centre in Brussels.
Serafettin Pektas is a postdoc researcher who holds a PhD degree in Arabic and Islamic Studies at KU Leuven.