Justus Lipsius, Monita et exempla politica / Political Admonitions and Examples

Edited with Translation, Commentary, and Introduction

Edited by Jan Papy, Toon Van Houdt, and Marijke Janssens

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Political thought and philosophy in 17th-century Europe
In 17th-century intellectual life, the ideas of the Renaissance humanist Justus Lipsius (1547–1606) were omnipresent. The publication of his Politica in 1589 had made Lipsius' name as an original and controversial political thinker. The sequel, the Monita et exempla politica (Political admonitions and examples), published in 1605, was meant as an illustration of Lipsius political thought as expounded in the Politica. Its aim was to offer concrete models of behavior for rulers against the background of Habsburg politics.

Lipsius' later political treatise also forms an indispensable key to interpret the place and function of the Politica in Lipsius’ political discourse and in early modern political thought. The Political admonitions and examples – widely read, edited, and translated in the 17th and 18th centuries – show Lipsius’ pivotal role in the genesis of modern political philosophy.

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Section 1. Lipsius and the Monita: General Introduction
Section 2. The Monita and Early Modern Political Writing: Genre and Form 
Section 3. The Monita in the Context of Lipsius’ Oeuvre 
Section 4. Towards a Reassessment of Lipsius’ Political Views 
Section 5. The Humanist at Work: Invention, Disposition, and Elocution 
Section 6. The History of the Printed Text: Early Modern Editions 

Text and Translation
I. Principles of this Edition 
II. The English Translation 
Monita et exempla politica 

I. Preliminary Remarks 
II. Commentary on Book I 
III. Commentary on Book 2 
Appendix: Tables of contents of the Monita and the Politica 

General index 

Format: Text edition - ebook

696 pages

ISBN: 9789461664204

Publication: May 30, 2022

Series: Bibliotheca Latinitatis Novae

Languages: English | Latin

Jan Papy is full professor of Latin and Neo-Latin literature at KU Leuven. He publishes on Renaissance Humanism in the Low Countries, intellectual history, and Lipsius and Neo-Stoic philosophy.
Marijke Janssens earned her PhD from KU Leuven with a dissertation on Lipsius’ 'Monita et exempla politica' and has published several articles on Lipsius and his political views.
Toon Van Houdt is associate professor of Latin at KU Leuven. His research focuses on the history of political and ethical thought in early modern times.