Lipomatous Tumors: Diagnosis and Primary Treatment

Ivo De Wever

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Adipose Tissue Tumors: Histologic Clasification
R. Sciot, K. Wouters

Chromosomal Abnormalities in Adipose Tissue Tumors
P. Dal Cin, H. Van den Berghe

Molecular Genetics of Lipomatous Tumors
P. Aman, I. Panagopoulos

Topographical Distribution and Clinical Signs
Ch. Molderez, A. Janssen, K. Wouters, M. Stas

Abdominal Liposarcoma: contribution of the 'compartment' approach to the Diagnosis and Staging
R. Oyen, F. Van Hover, B. Claikens, M. Bruinen, A.L. Baert

Radiological Investigation of Limbs
P. Brys, A.L. Baert

Biopsy of Soft Tissue Tumors
A. Rydholm

Surgical Margins and Local Recurrence in Soft Tissue Sarcoma
A. Rydholm

Deep Lipomatous Tumors of Limbs and Trunk
M. Stas, A. Janssen

Primary Retroperitoneal Lipomatous Tumors
I. De Wever, Ch. Molderez, M. Stas

Adjuvant Radiotherapy in the Treatment of Liposarcoma
L. Vanuytsel

First Local recurrences of Lipomatous Tumors
A. Janssen, Ch. Molderez, I. De Wever

Prognosis and Follow-up
I. De Wever

Format: Edited volume - free ebook - PDF

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ISBN: 9789061867982

Publication: March 27, 1997

Series: Oncologische Heelkunde / Surgical Oncology 4

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