Bad Breath

A Multidisciplinary Approach

Mel Rosenberg and Daniel Van Steenberghe

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Periodontal Parameters and Volatile Sulphur Compounds The Role of periodontitis in Oral Malodour: Clinical Perspectives M.G. Newman Where Gastroenterology and Periodontology meet: determination of Oral Volatile Organic Compounds using Closed-loop Trapping and High-resolution Gas Chromatography-ion Trap Detection D. Claus, B. Geypens, P. Rutgeers, J. Ghyselen, K. Hoshi, D. van Steenberghe and Y. Ghoos Characterization of Volatile Sulphur Compounds Production at Individual Crevicular Sites J.M. Coil The effect of Methyl mercaptan on the Enzymatic and Immunological Activity Leading to periodontal Tissue destruction L.G. Ratkay, J. Tonzetich and J.D. Waterfield Effects of Methyl Mercaptan on Human Gingival Fibroblast Shape, Cytoskeleton and Protein Synthesis and the Inhibition of its Effect by Zn++ D.M. Brunette, Y. Ouyang, J. Glass-Brudzinski and J. Tonzetich Thiols Modulate metabolism of Gingival Fibroblasts and periodontal Ligament Cells H. Lancero, J. Niu and P.W. Johnson Effect of Volatile Sulphur Compounds on Periodontal Tissues and Cellular Metabolism: an Overview J. Tonzetich Microbiology and breath odour Oxygen Depletion by the Oral Microbiota and its Role in Oral Malodour Formation I. Kleinberg, D.P.M. Codipilly and D.Y. Globerman The Tongue Microbiota and Tongue Surface Characteristics Contribute to oral Malodour E.H. De Boever and W.J. Loesche Assessment of Impressed Toothbrush as a method of Sampling Tongue Microbiota M.G. Hartley, M.A. El-Maaytah, C. McKenzie and J. Greenman Relationship of the Salivary Incubation test with Oral Malodour Levels M.A. El-Maaytah, M.G. Hartley, J. Greenman, S.R. Porter and C.M. Scully Production of Oral Malodour in an in vitro System S. Goldberg and M. Rosenberg A Microbiological Method for the Detection of Hydrogen Sulphide Producing oral Spirochetes Associated with Periodontitis A. De Ciccio, L.Z.G. Touyz, M.D. Radal, A. Klitorinos and E.C.S. Chan Proteolytic Activity of Stomatococcus Mucilaginus J. Greenman, M.A. El-Maaytah, M.G. Hartley and C. McKenzie Clinical Assessment and Detection of Breath Odour Relationship between Volatile Sulphur Compounds and Oral Conditions in the General Japanese Population H. Miyazaki, C. Fujita, I. SOh and T. Takehara Oral Malodour in the Elderly W.J. Loesche, N. Grossman, L. Dominguez and M.A. Schork A Study on the Relationship between Oral Parameters and Breath Odour H. Onozawa, T. Yasui and S. Nakao Experiences of a Belgian Multidisciplinary Breath odour Clinic G. Delanghe, J. Ghyselen, L. Feenstra and D. van Steenberghe A Simple detector for Oral Malodour E. Maita Attitudes towards One's and Other's Oral Malodour K. Yaegaki, H. Matudaira, S. Sano and T. Kitamura The Olfactory reference Syndrome and Halitosis B.E. Johnson Treatment of Breath Odour The Efficacy of a Combined Zinc and Triclosan System in the Prevention of Oral Malodour S.J. Raven, J.R. Matheson, E. Huntington and J. Tonzetich The effect of Tongue Brushing or Toothpaste Application on Oral Malodour reduction K. Hoshi and D. van Steenberghe Two-phase Mouthwash Formulations for Treatment of Oral Malodour O. Ilan, A. Kozlovsky, S. Goldberg, E.I. Weiss and M. Rosenberg Deodorizing Mechanism of Epigallocatechin Gallate and Chewing Gum Containing Tea Extracts M. Tsunoda, S. Yamada and H. Yasuda Consensus Reports Consensus report 1 : The Clinical Approach of Breath Malodour Consensus report 2 : Toothpastes and Mouthwashes to Control Breath Malodour Consensus report 3 : Value of Commercially Available Breath Malodour Meters

Format: Edited volume - free ebook - PDF

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Publication: January 01, 1996

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