Haematogenic Metastases

Treatment with Curative Intent

Ivo De Wever

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Clinical and biological aspects of haematogenic metastases
M. Mareel

Positron emission tomography in the preoperative assessment of patients with potentially operable metastatic disease
S. Stroobants

Selection of patients for treatment with curative intent
A.T. Van Oosterom

Implications of chemotherapy for anaesthesia
M. Verhaegen

Preoperative imaging of hepatic metastases
B. Topal

Neo-adjuvant chemotherapy for liver metastases of colorectal cancer
E. Van Cutsem, Chr. Verslype

Lung Metastases
J.A. Verschakelen, W. De Wever, J.Bogaert

Role of chemotherapy in the treatment of lung metastases
P.H.M. De Mulder

Lung Metastases: surgical approach and techniques of resection; experience at the University Hospitals Leuven 1996-2000
D.Van Raemdonck, F. Rega, P. De Leyn, W. Coosemans, T. Lerut, I. De Wever

Resection of metastases of the lung. The European experience
A.N. Van Geel

Management of brain metastases
Chr. Plets

Special Metastases
J. Goffin

Solitary Bone Metastases
I. Samson

Surgical experience with metastases in some unusual sites
I. De Wever

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Publication: April 03, 2001

Series: Oncologische Heelkunde / Surgical Oncology 7

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