François de Rougemont, S.J., Missionary in Ch’ang-Shu (Chiang-Nan)

Study of the Account Book (1674-1676) and the Elogium

Noël Golvers

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  1. Biography of F. de Rougemont, S.J.
  2. The manuscript of the Account Book
  3. General appreciation of the Account Book c.s. as an historical source
  4. Appendix: conspectus litterarum/de Rougemonts correspondence
  • Text and translation
  • Commentaries
    1. The topographical setting of the Account Book: The Christian topography of de Rougemont's 'parish'
    2. De Rougemonts movements inside his mission
    3. Social life: De Rougemont in Chines Society
    4. Priestly life
    5. The means of propagation and propaganda
    6. The material culture in the mission
    7. The finances of the mission
  • Appendices
    1. Latin text of the Elogium
    2. Analysis of the transcription system (by A.C. Dudink)
    3. Glossaries and indices on the basic text
    4. Indices on the commentaries

Format: Monograph - free ebook - PDF

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Publication: February 10, 2000

Series: Leuven Chinese Studies 7

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