Modern Islamic Thinking and Activism

Dynamics in the West and in the Middle East

Edited by Erkan Toguslu and Johan Leman

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Innovative research of ‘Islam at work’ in geographical and social contexts
‘Modern Islamic Thinking and Activism’ presents a series of scholarly papers in relation to Islamic thinking, activism, and politics in both the West and the Middle East. The reader will apprehend that Islam is not the monolithic religion so often depicted in the media or (earlier) in the academic world. The Islamic world is more than a uniform civilization with a set of petrified religious prescriptions and an outdated view on political and social organization. The contributions show the dynamics of ‘Islam at work’ in different geographical and social contexts. By treating the working of Islamic thinking and of Islamic activism on a practical level, ‘Modern Islamic Thinking and Activism’ includes innovative research and fills a significant gap in existing work.

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Erkan Toğuşlu (KU Leuven), Thierry Limpens (KU Leuven), Eric Geoffroy (University of Strasbourg), Jonathan Benthall ( UCL, London) Thomas Michel (Georgetown University), Egbert Harmsen ( Leiden University), İhsan Yılmaz (Fatih University), Emilio Platti (KU Leuven), Roel Meijer (Radboud University)

1. Contemporary Islamic Activism and Muslims
Erkan Toğuşlu and Johan Leman

Part I: Modern Islamic Thinking
2. Fethullah Gülen, Tariq Ramadan and Yusuf al-Qaradawi: The pluralisation of Islamic Knowledge
Erkan Toğuşlu
3. Tariq Ramadan and Abdullahi An-Na'im's Islamic gender reform in the Brussels Moroccan community
Thierry Limpens
4. The Contribution of Sufism to the Construction of Contemporary Europe's Islam
Eric Geoffroy

Part II: Secularism, Islam and Public Sphere: Turkey and Egypt
5. Post Secularism, Post-Islamism and Islam in the Public Sphere
Ihsan Yılmaz
6. The Arab Revolutions and Islamic Civil Society
Emilio Giuseppe Platti
7. The Muslim Brotherhood and the Democratic Experience in Egypt
Roel Meijer

Part III: Contemporary Islamic Social Activism
8. Social Work, Poverty, Inequality and Social Safety Nets: Voluntary Welfare Organizations
Jonathan Benthall
9. Tradition and Modernity in Social Islam: The Case of Muslim NGOs in Jordan
Egbert Harmsen
10. Fighting Poverty with Kimse Yok Mu
Thomas Michel

11. Translocality and Hybridization in Current Modern Islamic Activism
Erkan Toğuşlu and Johan Leman

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Publication: May 22, 2014

Series: Current Issues in Islam 2

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Erkan Toğuşlu is Assistant Professor of Anthropology at KU Leuven University, Gülen Chair for Intercultural Studies.
Johan Leman is professor emeritus of Social and Cultural Anthropology at KU Leuven and President of FOYER, a regional minorities centre in Brussels.