Sugar, Spice, and the Not So Nice

Comics Picturing Girlhood

Edited by Dona Pursall and Eva Van de Wiele

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Edited volume - paperback

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Girls, gender and identity in comics.
Sugar, Spice, and the Not So Nice
offers an innovative, wide-ranging and geographically diverse book-length treatment of girlhood in comics. The various contributing authors and artists provide novel insights into established themes within comics studies, children’s comics, graphic medicine and comics by and about refugees and marginalised ethnic or cultural groups. The book enriches traditional historical, narratological and aesthetic approaches to studying girlhood in comics with practice-based research, discussion and conversation. This re-examination of girls, gender and identity in comics connects with contemporary discourse on gender identity politics.  Through examples from both within Europe, the anglophone world and beyond, and including visual essays alongside critical theory, the volume furthermore engages with new developments in contemporary comics scholarship. It will therefore appeal to students and scholars of childhood studies, comics scholars and creators, and those interested in addressing gender identity through the prism of comics.

Contributors: Mel Gibson (Northumbria University), Martha Newbigging (Seneca College), María Porras Sánchez (Complutense University of Madrid), JoAnn Purcell (York University and Seneca College), Benoît Glaude (Ghent University/University of Louvain), Sylvain Lesage (University of Lille), Joan Ormrod (Manchester Metropolitan University), Aswathy Senan (The Research Collective Delhi), Michel De Dobbeleer (Ghent University), Sébastien Conard (KASK Ghent School of Arts and LUCA Brussels), Marine Berthiot (University of Edinburgh), Julia Round (Bournemouth University)

Ebook available in Open Access.
This publication is GPRC-labeled (Guaranteed Peer-Reviewed Content).

Dona Pursall and Eva Van de Wiele

Chapter 1. ‘It’s the girl!’ : Comics, Professional Identity, Affection, Nostalgia and Embarrassment 
Mel Gibson

Chapter 2. Looking for Queerness 
Martha Newbigging

Chapter 3. Harrowing Rites of Passage : Refugee Girlhood in the Wake of Syrian Migrant Crisis 
María Porras Sánchez

Chapter 4. Comics, Caregiving and Crip Time 
JoAnn Purcell

Chapter 5. Discussing Gender in a Communist Comics Magazine : Corinne et Jeannot, 1970 
Sylvain Lesage

Chapter 6. The Ambivalence of Girlhood and Motherhood in A Girl-and-Her-Dog Comics Series : Margot & Oscar Pluche / Sac à Puces 
Benoît Glaude

Chapter 7. Modernity, Aesthetics and the Active Female Body in Mirabelle (1960–1967) 
Joan Ormrod

Chapter 8. The Demon Girl of Malayali Comic Strips : The (Im)possibilities of Comic Imagination 
Aswathy Senan

Chapter 9. Reading Girl- and Womanhood in the Classic Flemish Family Comics Series Jommeke : A Conversation with Katrien De Graeve and Sara De Vuyst 
Michel De Dobbeleer

Chapter 10. Death and the Maiden : Some Notes Concerning Charlotte Salomon’s Leben? oder Theater? 
Sébastien Conard

Chapter 11. Developing a Style of Her Own: Mophead by Selina Tusitala Marsh (2019) 
Marine Berthiot

Eva Van de Wiele

Afterword: Picturing Girlhood 
Julia Round

About the Authors 

Format: Edited volume - paperback

Size: 230 × 170 × 15 mm

250 pages

Illustrated with a colour section of 30 pp.

ISBN: 9789462703612

Publication: February 20, 2023

Series: Studies in European Comics and Graphic Novels

Languages: English

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Dona Pursall is PhD student on the ERC project "Children in Comics" of Prof. Maaheen Ahmed at Ghent University and is co-supervised by Prof. Jan Baetens at KU Leuven.
Eva Van de Wiele is postdoctoral researcher on the ERC project "Children in Comics" of Prof. Maaheen Ahmed at Ghent University.

Door een verzameling perspectieven te bieden op girlhood, en methodes om de culturele constructie van girlhood te onderzoeken, laat de collectie duidelijk zien dat er een noodzaak is voor nog meer perspectieven binnen dit spannende, nieuwe onderzoeksgebied. - Erin La Cour, Vooys, 41.3.