Digest 4.1 & 4.2

Journal of Diversity and Gender Studies

Edited by Birgit Van Puymbroeck

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Volume 4 Issue 1 & 2 available November 2017
The Journal of Diversity and Gender Studies (DiGeSt) is a bi-annual, peer-reviewed international journal dedicated to the intersection of diversity and gender studies. It is included in the Flemish Academic Bibliography for the Social Sciences and the Humanities (VABB-SHW).

IMPORTANT NOTICE: New Publisher for the Journal DiGeSt from 2020 onwards

We hereby announce that the publication of the Journal of Diversity and Gender Studies (DiGeSt) will be taken over by Ghent University Open Access Journal Platform from 2020 onwards.

The final issue published by Leuven University Press, issue 6.2, appeared in October 2019. All back issues of the journal are available for download via JSTOR.

For more information about the new open access journal platform and submissions, please visit www.digest.ugent.be.

Contents Issue 4.1

Birgit Van Puymbroeck

“Beyond the Box”: A Comprehensive Study of Sexist, Homophobic, and Transphobic Attitudes Among the Belgian Population
Myrte Dierckx, Petra Meier, Joz Motmans

Anti-Gay Propaganda Laws: Time for the European Court of Human Rights to Overcome Her Fear of Commitment
Justine De Kerf

Bridging Epidermalization of Black Inferiority and the Racial Epidermal Schema: Internalizing Oppression to the Level of Possibilities
Seunghyun Song

Diasporic Muslims, Mental Health, and Subjectivity: Perspectives and Experiences of Mental Health Care Professionals in Ghent
Elise Rondelez, Sarah Bracke, Griet Roets, Caroline Vandekinderen, Piet Bracke

What Are You Reading?
Sophie Withaeckx, Ntokozo Yingwana, Rozemarijn Vervoort, Laura Andriessen, Emma-Lee Amponsah, Sean Bex
Contents Issue 4.2

Editorial. Unruly Bodies: Struggles with Normativity, Autonomy, and Materiality
Sarah Bracke, Lith Lefranc, and Anaïs Van Ertvelde

“So I Made this Click Not to Look at a Guy that Way Ever Again”: About Desexualisation, Disownment, and Rethinking the Possibilities of a Young Woman(’s Body)
Inge Blockmans, Geert Van Hove, and Paul Enzlin

Normalising What? About a GMO Body and Shan’s Life
Nathalie Grandjean

3 Fat Activists’ Strategies on Stage: Redefining Fat Identity. A Comparison of Scottee, Brenda Oelbaum, and Sins Invalid
Camille Ronti

Biopower Is the New Black, Again. Queer Bodies “Beyond Bars”
Antonia Anna Ferrante

Unruly Booklets: Resisting Body Norms with Zines
Nina Nijsten

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