Dirk Lauwaert. Selected Writings, 1983-2008

Dirk Lauwaert and edited by Herman Asselberghs, Robbrecht Desmet, Bart Meuleman, and Peter Jan Perquy

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The first introduction of the seminal writings of a key Belgian writer and critic to an English-speaking audience.

Radically subjective. Radically unapologetic. Radically demanding. These are the hallmarks of Dirk Lauwaert’s skill, attitude, and sensitivity, which are the result of radical attention.

Belgian writer and critic Dirk Lauwaert (1944–2013) wrote about images, be they moving or still, historical or contemporary, overfamiliar or unseen. He experienced them intensely, studied them attentively, and connected them to ethical, philosophical, or social issues in texts that invited readers to do the same, whether they were leaving the movie theater, browsing a photo book, or visiting an exhibition.

This selection presents the depth and scope of Lauwaert’s immense output through 15 key texts in which the Belgian author unfolds his central ideas and motifs, displaying his kaleidoscopic thinking and essayistic ability. The texts span 25 years – from 1983 to 2008 – and were originally published in various contexts over the course of three decades.

A Culture of Showing. Firm Elegance in the Writing of Dirk Lauwaert by Herman Asselberghs

Contemporary Sophistry and the Poor Experience
Reports from a Classroom
Critique of Enthusiasm. Culture, or the Event; The Accompanying Word: Passion

Barthes, the Perfect Bourgeois
Portrait of a Role: the Intellectual
The Sovereign Dandy
The Rhythm of Thinking

Mise-en-Scène: The Most Beautiful Word about Film
The Classic Film Body
Seam and Pattern: Thinking Forms
Dreaming of an Expedition

The Blurred Photograph: An Old Debate
The Image That Yields Up Everything (Because It Has Seen Nothing)

Moving House


Format: Text edition - paperback

Size: 230 × 170 mm

208 pages

ISBN: 9789462703858

Publication: October 02, 2023

Series: Lieven Gevaert Series 33

Languages: English: United States

Bart Meuleman is a writer, poet, playwright, dramaturgist, and essayist.
Herman Asselberghs is a filmmaker, teacher, and researcher at LUCA School of Arts.
Peter Jan Perquy is head librarian at the Library of Sint-Lukas in Brussels (LUCA School of Arts) and caretaker of its Dirk Lauwaert Collection.
Robbrecht Desmet is a filmmaker, teacher, and researcher at LUCA School of Arts.