Footsteps in Deserted Valleys

Missionary Cases, Strategies and Practice in Qing China

Koen Ridder

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Edited volume - free ebook - PDF

Koen De Ridder

  • Conflict, Confusion and Control: Some Observations on Missionary Cases
    Ku Wei-ying

  • Body and Soul. Professional Health Care in the Catholic Missions in China between 1920 and 1940
    Dries Vanysacker

  • A Strategist of Missionary Development in Henan: Bishop Joseph Noé Tacconi (1873-1942)
    Angelo S. Lazzarotto

  • The Missionary Cases of Taiwan in the Nineteenth Century
    Shih Li-lan

  • Congo in Gansu (1898-1906). "Missionary versus Explorer/Exploiter"
    Koen De Ridder

  • Quelques échos des prêtres chinois dans les missions de Scheut
    Françoise Aubin

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Format: Edited volume - free ebook - PDF

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ISBN: 9789058670229

Publication: May 02, 2000

Series: Leuven Chinese Studies 8

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