Anarchy of the Body

Undercurrents of Performance Art in 1960s Japan


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How performance art in 1960s Japan formed a legacy of resistance against institutionalization
In Anarchy of the Body, art historian KuroDalaiJee (a.k.a. Kuroda Raiji) sheds light on vital pieces of postwar Japanese avant-garde history by contextualizing the social, cultural, and political trajectories of artists across Japan in the 1960s. A culmination of years of research, Anarchy of the Body draws on an extensive breadth of source material to reveal how the practice of performance by individual artists and art groups during this period formed a legacy of resistance against institutionalization, both within the art world and more broadly in Japanese society. This book contains 256 high-quality reproductions, including rare performance photographs not readily accessible elsewhere, as well as a comprehensive chronology. KuroDalaiJee was awarded the 2010 Ministry of Education Award for Fine Arts (criticism category) for his work on this volume.

Contributors: Kurokawa Noriyuki (editor), Jason Beckman (copy-editor of the translation), Andrew Maerkle (translator), Shima Yumiko (translator), Alice Kiwako Ashiwa (editorial assistant), Daniel González (translator), Claire Tanaka (translator), Giles Murray (translator), Jenny Preston (translator)

Translated from the original Japanese edition published with Tokyo: Grambooks, 2010.

In cooperation with Art Platform Japan / The Agency for Cultural Affairs, Government of Japan
Art Platform Japan is an initiative by the Agency for Cultural Affairs, Government of Japan, to maintain the sustainable development of the contemporary art scene in Japan.

Format: Monograph - ebook

580 pages

B&W illustrations

ISBN: 9789461665027

Publication: March 20, 2023

Languages: English

KuroDalaiJee is an art historian in Japan. He earned his MA in art history from the University of Tokyo in 1985.