Ut granum sinapis

Essays on Neo-Latin Literature in Honour of Jozef IJsewijn

Dirk Sacré (Author), Gilbert Tournoy (Author),

Series: Supplementa Humanistica Lovaniensia 12

Category: Neo-Latin Studies

Language: English

ISBN: 9789061868163

Publication date: August 21, 1997

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Size: 240 x 160 x mm


In 1967 Jozef IJsewijn started the Seminarium Philologiae Humanisticae or Seminar for Neo-Latin Studies at the Katholieke Universiteit Leuven. Thanks to the founder’s indefatigable efforts, the Seminar has become one of the leading conferences in the field of Humanism and Modern Latin. In 1997, the tenth International Congress for Neo-Latin Studies was held; the first of the series was organised some 25 years ago by professor IJsewijn and his team, and led to the founding of the International Association for Neo-Latin Studies, of which IJsewijn became the first president. Also in 1997, Jozef IJsewijn celebrated his 65th birthday. For all these reasons, his colleagues considered it appropriate to honour this eminent scholar with a collection of (19) essays on Neo-Latin literature.

The articles in this volume reflect the wide interest of the scholar IJsewijn. They cover a period of almost 300 years, from an early fifteenth-century commentary on Cicero’s speeches to the oratorical deliveries in the eighteenth-century Amsterdam Athenaeum of P. Francius.

Gilbert Tournoy

Lucia Gualdo Rosa
Padova 1420: un commento universitario di Gasparino Barizza a quindici orazioni di Cicerone

Alfonso Traina
I versi latini di Gregorio Correr. Contributi a un’ edizione critica

Jan à–berg
Vom Humanismus zum Traditionalismus. Die Einwirkung der politischen, gesellschaftlichen und kirchlichen Verhältnisse aus das Kulturleben in Schweden am Beispiel von Kort Rogge (um 1420-1501)

J.B. Trapp
The Illustration of Petrarch’s Secretum

Paul Gerhard Schmidt
Die Crisias des Hilarion von Verona

Agostino Sottili
L’orazione di Rudolf Agricola per Paul de Baenst rettore dell’ Università pavese: Pavia 10 agosto 1473

Dieter Wuttke
Ex ungula cervam. Sebastian Brant und die Nördlinger Hirschkuh

Francesco Tateo
L’idea dello scrittore cristiano moderno in Gianfrancesco Pico

Fred Nichols
Greek Poets of Exile in Naples: Marullus and Rhallus

Jacques Chomarat
L’âne chez Erasme, Passerat, Heinsius

Walther Ludwig
Eine Tübinger Magisterprüfung im Jahr 1509

Hubertus Schulte Herbrüggen
Utopiae Insulae Figura: The Title Woodcut in Thomas More’s Utopia, 1516

Charles Fantazzi
Poetry and Religion in Sannazaro’s De Partu virginis

Edward V. George
Rhetorical Strategies in Vives’ Pease Writings: The letter to Charles V and the De concordia

G. Hugo Tucker
Mantua’s “Second Virgil”: Du Bellay, Montaigne and the Curious Fortune of Lelio Capilupi’s Centones ex Virgilio (Romae, 1555)

James Binns
Abraham Hartwell, Herald of the New Queen’s Reign. The Regina Literata (London, 1565)

Ian D. McFarlane
Towards a Reliable Edition of George Buchanan’s Profane Poems

Fidel Rädle
Komik im lateinischen Theater der frühen Neuzeit

Chris L. Heesakkers
An Liposio licuit et Cunaeo quod mihi non licet? Petrus Francius and Oratorical Delivery in the Amsterdam Athenaeum Illustre


Dirk Sacré

Dirk Sacré is professor of Latin and Neo-Latin at KU Leuven.

Gilbert Tournoy

Gilbert Tournoy is emeritus professor of Classical, Mediaeval and Renaissance Latin at KU Leuven.

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