Essays on Neo-Latin Literature in Honour of Monique Mund-Dopchie and Gilbert Tournoy

Dirk Sacré (Editor), Jan Papy (Editor),

Series: Supplementa Humanistica Lovaniensia 26

Category: Neo-Latin Studies

Language: English

ISBN: 9789058677501

Publication date: August 7, 2009

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This collective volume has been dedicated to two distinguished scholars of Neo-Latin Studies on the occasion of their retirement after a long and fruitful academic career, one at the Université catholique Louvain-la-Neuve, the other at the internationally renowned Seminarium Philologiae Humanisticae of Leuven University.

Both the rich variety of subjects dealt with and the international diversity of the scholars authoring contributions reflect the wide interests of the celebrated Neo-Latinists, their international position, and the actual status of the discipline itself. Ranging from the Trecento to the 21st century, and embracing Latin writings from Italy, Hungary, The Netherlands, Germany, France, Poland, the New World, Spain, Scotland, Denmark and China, this volume is as rich and multifaceted as it is voluminous, for it not only offers studies on well-known figures such as Petrarch, Lorenzo Valla, Erasmus, Vives, Thomas More, Eobanus Hessus, Lipsius, Tycho Brahe, Jean de la Fontaine and Jacob Cats, but it also includes new contributions on Renaissance commentaries and editions of classical authors such as Homer, Seneca and Horace; on Neo-Latin novels, epistolography and Renaissance rhetoric; on Latin translations from the vernacular and invectives against Napoleon; on the teaching of Latin in the 19th century; and on the didactics of Neo-Latin nowadays.

Dirk SACRÉ – Jan PAPY, Praefatio

Stefano PITTALUGA, Errori ‘obbligati’ nel commento di Nicola Trevet alla Phaedra di Seneca

Christian COPPENS, Et amicorum: not just for friends

Lucia GUALDO ROSA, Le strane vicende di Seneca nelle biografie umanistiche da Gasparino Barzizza a Erasmo, con qualche eccezione alla scuola di Pomponio Leto

Klára PAJORIN, Per la storia della novella. Due narrationes umoristiche e un frammento di ‘racconto’ di Pier Paolo Vergerio

Jean-Louis CHARLET, Lorenzo Valla, Giovanni Tortelli, Niccolò Perotti: la restauration du Latin

Béatrice CHARLET-MESDIJAN, Le discours sur le marriage de Janus Pannonius dans le livre II de ses Élégies

Domenico DEFILIPPIS, Forme e modelli del sistema incipitario nell’ Itinerarium di Anselmo Adorno
Albert DEROLEZ, A Literary Tour de Force: The Latin Translation of Maerlant’s Martijns and the Translator’s Prologues

Francesco TATEO, Napoli Neo-Latina e la tradizione di Petrarca

Mark P.O. MORFORD, Johann Grüninger of Strasbourg

Alexandre VANAUTGAERDEN, Érasme bibliographe: la querelle avec Polidoro Virgilio à propos des Adages

Mauro DE NICHILO, Tradizione e fortuna delle opere del Pontano, II. La stampa sonciniana del De laudibus divinis

Wouter BRACKE, Erasmus and Lorenzo Valla’s Adnotationes Novi Testamenti: a note on Royal Library of Belgium, MS 4031-403

Jan BLOEMENDAL, Erasmus and Comedy between the Middle Ages and the Early Modern Period: an Exploration

Brenda M. HOSINGTON, ‘Compluria opuscula longe festivissima’: Translations of Lucian in Renaissance England

Paul-Augustin DEPROOST, À la marge d’Utopia. De Thomas More A Pierre Gilles, dédicace ou préface?

René HOVEN, Un opuscule rarissime et méconnu de Gérard Listrius: discours et poème chanté pour l’école latine de Zwolle

Michiel VERWEIJ, The correspondence of Erasmus and Hadrianus Barlandus

Harry VREDEVELD, A Case of Plagiarism Revisited: Eobanus Hessus’ Victoria Christi ab inferis and Ps. Juvencus, Triumphus Christi heroicus

Jacqueline GLOMSKI, Patronage, Poetry, and the Furnishing of a Nobleman’s House: Valentin Eck’s Supellectilium fasciculus (1519)

Geoffrey EATOUGH, Peter Martyr’s Response to Hernan Cortes

Philip FORD, Melchior Volmar’s Commentary on the Iliad

Ari WESSELING, How to Explore the World while Staying at Home. Erasmus on Maps

Alejandro COROLEU, Notes in a 1531 Edition of Vida’s De arte poetica

Edward V. GEORGE, Cynicism Enhanced: Late Additions to Juan Luis Vives’s Third Sullan Declamation

George Hugo TUCKER, Érotisme, parodie, et l’art du centon dans le Gallus (1543; Centones ex Virgilio, 1555) de Lelio Capilupi

Lore POELCHAU (†), Auf den Spuren einer lateinischen Dichtung im Livland des 16. Jahrhunderts

Fidel RÄDLE, Pietas et mores – Rebellion und Gewalt. Studentenleben in der Frühen Neuzeit

Ronald W. TRUMAN, Fadrique Furio Ceriol’s Institutionum rhetoricarum libri III (Leuven, 1554)

Jean-François GILMONT, Gilbert Cousin et Jean Crespin

Dirk IMHOF, A chest full of manuscripts between Antwerp and Nijmegen: The library of the sixteenth-century textile merchant and philologist Theodorus Pulmannus

Roger P.H. GREEN, Poems and Not Just Paraphrases: Doing Justice to Buchanan’s Psalms

Francis CAIRNS, Pietro Bizzari’s Accounts of the Early French Voyages to Florida

Chris L. HEESAKKERS, From the Helicon to the Dutch Dunes. On an elegy and a letter by Petrus Bacherius Gandavensis (1517- 1601)

Demmy VERBEKE, Horace fom Bruges to Cambridge: The Editions by Jacobus Cruquius and Richard Bentley

Ann MOSS, Thinking Through Similitudes

Rudolf DE SMET, The “Postrema Responsio” by Marnix of Saint Aldegonde: the Tailpiece of his Polemic with Michel de Bay

Marc VAN DER POEL, Lipsius and the Splitting of Propertius 1.8

Jeanine DE LANDTSHEER, Towards the Edition of ILE IV (1591): a Revision of its 1974 Version Extended with Five Overlooked Letters

Jan PAPY, An Unknown Satirical Dialogue by Justus Lipsius against Matthaeus Dresserus and David Peifer

Hugo PEETERS, L’édition de ILE de l’année 1596: description du ms. Lips. 3(17) et datation de lettres par Juste Lipse

Robert V. YOUNG, Constantia nos armat: Lipsius’ Letters and the Trials of Constancy

Harm-Jan VAN DAM, The Blacksmith and the Nightingale: Relations between Bonaventura Vulcanius and Daniel Heinsius

Minna SKAFTE JENSEN, Tycho Brahe’s Double Identity as a Citizen of Denmark and of the World

Craig KALLENDORF, Epic and Tragedy – Virgil, La Cerda, Milton

Dirk SACRÉ, A Missing Link. An Overlooked Letter of Jacob Cats to Caspar Barlaeus

Antonio IURILLI, Biblioteca e saperi: il progetto di Erycius Puteanus

Joaquín PASCUAL BAREA, La Epistola commendatitia de Jacinto Carlos Quintero para la proyectada edición en Flandes de los Veteres Hispaniae Dei de Rodrigo Caro

Andries WELKENHUYSEN, Scrabbling with Puteanus. The Album of his Friends and Correspondents in De Anagrammatismo, 1643

Noël GOLVERS, An Unobserved Letter of Prospero Intorcetta, S.J. to Godefridus Henschens, S.J. and the Printing of the Jesuit Translations of the Confucian Classics (Rome – Antwerp, 2 June 1672)

Jennifer TUNBERG-MORRISH, Jean de La Fontaine’s Les Amours de Psiché et de Cupidon (1669) as a Source for Psyche Cretica (1685), a Neo-Latin Novel by Johannes Ludovicus Praschius

Tom DENEIRE, The Latin Works of Two Poets from Poperinge: Joannes Bartholomaeus Roens and Petrus Wenis

David MONEY, Neo-Latin and University Politics: the Case of Henry Sacheverell

Heinz HOFMANN, Eine neue Quelle für den Mythos von Sol und Nox im Columbus-Epos von Ubertino Carrara
Stéphane MUND, Joseph Pitton de Tournefort, un botaniste du roi Louis XIV dans le Caucase au début du XVIIIe siècle

J.C. BEDAUX, Gerhard David Jordens (1734-1803), neulateinischer Dichter aus Deventer

Paul Gerhard SCHMIDT, Vox veritatis ad Napoleonem. Eine lateinische Versinvektive von 1813

Paul THOEN, Questions linguistiques. Le tournant remarquable de la formation humaniste vers le milieu du 19e siècle au Petit Séminaire de Roulers (Flandre Occidentale, Belgique)

Emilio BANDIERA, Si fugit tempus di Joseph Tusiani

Franz RÖMER, Der lange Sieg

Ingrid A.R. DE SMET, Cui bono? Some reflections on the Aims of Teaching Post-Classical Latin

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Dirk Sacré

Dirk Sacré is professor of Latin and Neo-Latin at KU Leuven.

Jan Papy

Jan Papy is full professor of Latin and Neo-Latin literature at KU Leuven. He publishes on Renaissance Humanism in the Low Countries, intellectual history, and Lipsius and Neo-Stoic philosophy.

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