Phineas Fletcher. Locustae vel Pietas Iesuitica

With Introduction, Translation and Commentary

Estelle Haan (Author),

Series: Supplementa Humanistica Lovaniensia 9

Category: Neo-Latin Studies

Language: English

ISBN: 9789061867371

Publication date: January 1, 1996

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Size: 240 x 160 x mm


The bilingual English poet Phineas Fletcher (1582-1650) is the author of a short Latin epic on the Gunpowder Plot (1605).

Mrs. Estelle Haan has provided the first critical edition based on all three manuscripts known and the original printed edition (Cambridge, 1627).

After the introduction with an essay on the Gunpowder Plot literature in Latin (including poets, such as John Milton) follows the critical edition of Locustae vel Pietas Iesuitica with an English translation and an extensive commentary.


  1. Life and works of Phineas Fletcher

  2. Neo-Latin literature on the Gunpowder Plot
    1. The Gunpowder Epigram
    2. The Gunpowder Epic Tradition
      1. Francis Herring, Pietas Pontificia
      2. Michael Wallace, In Serenissimi Regis Iacobi … Liberationem
      3. Phineas Fletcher, Locustae vel Pietas Iesuitica
      4. Thomas Campion, De Pulverea Coniuratione
      5. John Milton, In Quintum Novembris

    1. Miscellaneous Latin writings on the Gunpowder Plot
      1. Anonymous, In Homines Nefarios
      2. William Gager, Pyramis
    2. Other neo-Latin poems of an anti-papal nature
      1. George peele? Pareus
      2. Thomas Campion, Ad Thamesin
      3. Alexander Gill, Jr., In Ruinam Camerae Papisticae
  3. Vernacular writings on the Gunpowder Plot

    1. Government accounts
    2. Gunpowder Sermons

Sigla Codicum
Text and Translation

Estelle Haan

Estelle Haan is Professor Emerita of English and Neo-Latin Studies at Queen’s University, Belfast.

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