Iustus Lipsius Europae Lumen et Columen

Proceedings of the International Colloquium Leuven 17-19 September 1997

Gilbert Tournoy (Author), Jeanine De Landtsheer (Author), Jan Papy (Author),

Series: Supplementa Humanistica Lovaniensia 15

Category: Neo-Latin Studies

Language: English

ISBN: 9789061869719

Publication date: November 24, 1999

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Some six years ago the 500th anniversary of the birth of the Spanish-Dutch humanist Juan Luis Vives celebrated in Spain and especially in his hometown Valencia. On a much smaller scale Leuven also contributed to the celebration of this humanist, who outdid even the great Erasmus in originality of ideas in the field of pedagogy, psychology and sociology. At that time already it was obvious to me that the most important humanist of our own region, Justis Lipsius from Overijse, deserved to be honoured in a more conspicuous way than previously. In happy collaboration with Lipsius’s hometown of Overijse and with the Plantin-Moretus Museum at Antwerp, a most varied and attractive programme was designed, including several exhibitions, a historical evocation of the man and his world, and a few publications.


Andrzej Borowski – Justus Lipsius and the Classical Tradition in Poland
Jeanine de Landtsheer – Lipsius’s Letters of Comfort: a Tribute to Consolatio in Cicero and Seneca
Joost Depuydt – “Vale verum antiquae historiae lumen”: Antiquarianism in the Correspondence between Justus Lipsius and Abraham Ortelius
Karl Enenkel – Lipsius als Modellgelehrter: Die Lipsius-Biographie des Miraeus
Dirk Imhof – The Illustration of Works by Justus Lipsius published by the Plantin Press
Jean Jehasse – Juste Lipse et la poésie grecque
Jacqueline Lagrée – Juste Lipse: l’âme et la vertu
Mark Morford – Life and Letters in Lipsius’s Teaching
Olga E. Novikova – Lipsius in Russia in the First Half of the 18th Century
Hugo Peeters – Le Contubernium de Lipse à Louvain à travers sa correspondance
Terence O.Tunberg – Observations on the Style and Language of Lipsius’s Prose. a Look at Some Selected Texts
Marc van der Poel – Lipsius a a Defender of Plautus
Toon Van Houdt, Jan Papy – Modestia, Constantia, Fama: Towards a Literary and Philosophical Interpretation of Lipsius’s De Calumnia Oratio
Michiel Verweij – Justus Lipsius and Willem Breugel of Oirschot
Thomas D. Walker, Ancient authors on Libraries: An Analysis and Bibliographic History of De bibliothecis syntagma by Justus Lipsius
Jan H. Waszink, Virtuous deception: the Politica and the Wars in the Low Countries and France, 1559-1589
R.V. Young, Lipsius and Imitation as Educational Technique
Index Nominum

Gilbert Tournoy

Gilbert Tournoy is emeritus professor of Classical, Mediaeval and Renaissance Latin at KU Leuven.

Jeanine De Landtsheer

Jan Papy

Jan Papy is full professor of Latin and Neo-Latin literature at KU Leuven. He publishes on Renaissance Humanism in the Low Countries, intellectual history, and Lipsius and Neo-Stoic philosophy.

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