Companion to Neo-Latin Studies. Part 1: History and Diffusion of Neo-Latin Literature

Second entirely rewritten edition

J. IJsewijn (Author),

Series: Supplementa Humanistica Lovaniensia 5

Category: Neo-Latin Studies

Language: English

ISBN: 9789061863663

Publication date: January 1, 1990

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In 1977 the first edition of the Companion to Neo-Latin Studies appeared. It evidently filled a long-felt lacuna, and was soon out of print. The first part of the second entirely rewritten edition came out in 1990; it consists in a concise, but comprehensive history of Neo-Latin writings (both literary and scientific) arranged according to geographical and cultural areas. Due to the explosive growth of Neo-Latin studies in the last decades, it took a couple of years to rewrite and to expand the second part (Part II: Literary, Linguistic, Philological and Editorial Questions).

I. Classical, Medieval and Neo-Latin

  1. The Ancient Heritage

    1. Literature
    2. Single Authors and their Influence
    3. History, Mythology, Religon etc.
  2. The Medieval Contribution to Latin
  3. The Neo-Latin Period
    1. The period and its Name
    2. The Neo-Latin Author: a Profile
    3. Bibliographical Aids

II. Neo-Latin Literature: Its Story and Diffusion

  1. Preliminary Problems

  2. The History of Neo-Latin Literature
  3. The Diffusion of Neo-Latin in the World
    1. Italy and Corsica
      1. The Italian Mainland and Sicily
      2. Sardinia and Corsica
    2. Europe Outside Italy
      1. Greece and Cyprus
      2. Albania
      3. The Southern Slavs: Bulgaria and Jugoslavia
      4. Malta
      5. Spain
      6. Portugal and the Azores
      7. France
      8. The Low Countries
      9. Great Britain and Ireland
      10. The German World
      11. Switzerland and Liechtenstein
      12. Hungary
      13. Rumania
      14. Czechoslovakia
      15. Poland, Lithuania, Byelorussia and the Ukraine
      16. The Russian empire
      17. Latvia (Livonia) and Estonia
      18. Denmark, Norway, Faroe Islands and Iceland
      19. Sweden, Finland and Karelia
    3. America
      1. Canada
      2. U.S.A
      3. Jamaica
      4. Spanis America
      5. Brazil
    4. Africa
    5. Asia
      1. India and Sri Lanka (Ceylon)
      2. Japan
      3. China
      4. Lebanon
    6. Australia and the Pacific

Index Nominum
Index Geographicus
Index Litterarius
Index Quorundam Notabilium
Index Codicum Manu Scriptorum

J. IJsewijn

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