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Dirk De Geest (Author), Ortwin De Graef (Author),

Category: Literature

Language: English

ISBN: 9789058670281

Publication date: May 11, 2000

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Size: 240 x 160 x mm


Introduction (Rita Ghesquière and José Lambert)


Introduction (Dirk de Geest)

From Perspective over Focalization to Vision: a Look at New Developments in the Theory of Narrative (Anne Marie Musschoot)

Un lieu magique: le jardin d’Armide (Jean Weisgerber)

On space and Identity in Antjie Krog’s Country of my Skull (1998) (Louise Viljoen)

Lancelot Graeves entre quête et entreprise (Paul Pelckmans)

Heteroglossia and Revolution: a Bakhtinian Reading of Dezsö Kosztolanyi’s Edes Anna (John Neubauer)

Fantastique, fiction. Notes pour caractériser le fantastique comme l’exposé des conditions paradoxales et de la pertinence de la fiction (Jean Bessière)


Introduction (Ortwin de Graef)

Hermeneutic Movements (Horst Steinmetz)

Possible Worlds and Narrative Discourse: Umberto Eco’s First-Person Narrators (Ulla Musarra-Schrøder)

Chekhov’s ‘The Bride’ and the Parable of the Prodigal Son (Peter Steiner)

Repetitions: Returning to Kierkegaard, Freud and Tieck (Liliane Weissberg)

Die Hermeneutik des Holocaust (Elrud Ibsch)

Henry James and Reader-Response Criticism (The Figure in the Carpet) (Mihaly Szegedy-Maszak)

Translation Studies

Introduction (Dirk Delabastita)

An Enlightened Use of Fable: Christian Fürchtegott Gellert in Hebrew Literature (Gideon Toury)

Daring to Show Discontent: Queen Elizabeth I as Poet and Translator (Susan Bassnett)

Lost in Translation? Nijhoff and Eliot (Theo D’haen)

Le palimpsest de la traduction selon Ferri de Saint-Constant (1808-1811) (Lieven D’hulst)

Self-Reference, Self-Reflection and Re-entering Translation (Theo Hermans)

Literary Dynamics

Introduction (Koenraad Geldof)

Restrictions on the Dynamics of Literature (Douwe Fokkema)

The Rhetoric of Socialist Propaganda, or: Why is Social Revolution Inevitable and Imminent? (Marc Angenot)

Evaluating and Classifying Reviewers of Literature (Hugo Verdaasdonk)

The Empirical Study of Literature (ESL) (Siegfried J. Schmidt)

Aesthetics and Practicality: the Current State of Affairs (Virgil Nemoianu)

The Modernization Thesis and Comparative Literature: Notes toward a Discussion (Gerald Gillespie)

The Cultural Turn – The Importance of the Concept ‘Cultural Identity’ (Rien T. Segers)

Culture Repertoire and the Wealth of Collective Entities (Itamar Even-Zohar)

Dirk De Geest

Ortwin De Graef

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