Dance as Intermedial Translation

Moving Across Page, Stage, Canvas

Vanessa Montesi (Author),

Series: Translation, Interpreting and Mediation 10

Category: Artistic Practice, Media and Visual Culture

Language: English

ISBN: 9789462704398

Publication date: September 16, 2024

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Innovative perspective to the meaningful import of body and materiality in the translation process, a focal point of recent literature in Translation Studies

This book is situated in the breach opened up by recent debates on inherited notions of text, language, and translation that followed the emergence of new technologies. It examines two works of contemporary dance, Marie Chouinard’s Jérôme Bosch: Le Jardin des Délices (2016) and Mathieu Geffré’s Froth on the Daydream (2018), as examples of intermedial translation. Conceptualising translation through the lens of theatrical dance allows us to see the translation process as a creative, corporeal, and political practice of negotiating human and non-human agencies, deeply intertwined with issues of memory and struggles over representation. Drawing on a wide range of theoretical debates from translation theory, dance studies, cultural theory, gender studies, postcolonialism, art history, cognitive linguistics, multimodality, film studies, and memory studies, as well as on concrete examples of performative works, the book charts a course for the development of dance translation as a legitimate, if still under-researched, subfield of translation studies.

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Vanessa Montesi

Vanessa Montesi holds a PhD from the University of Lisbon and is a member of its Centre for Comparative Studies. She is a trustee of Company of Others, the UK’s first dance company of sanctuary.

Dance as Intermedial Translation is a truly transdisciplinary achievement and a compelling reading. Mobilizing a carefully orchestrated corps-à-corps with intermedial theatrical dance, the book refigures the concepts of ‘translation’, ‘text’ and ‘language’ as situated embodied practices, showing how they matter, materialize and create in ways that can contribute to foster socio-political agency. Structured as a “choreo-dramatization” of research, Montesi’s writing style embodies a methodological choice that corresponds to a strong epistemological stance, one of increasing relevance in many contemporary research fields in the human and social sciences: the commitment to assert the complicated affective social and material economies of research-making, research-writing, research-performing and research-sharing. - Paula Caspão, Centre for Theatre Studies, Lisbon University

"A very original and daring work, which grapples with some of the most complex theoretical questions currently animating Translation Studies, and applies them, in a compelling way, to the study of theatrical dance." - Karen Bennett, NOVA University of Lisbon – School of Social Sciences and Humanities (NOVA FCSH)

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