Restorative Justice for Juveniles

Potentialities Risks and Problems for Research. A selection of papers presented at the international conference Leuven May 12-14 1997

Lode Walgrave (Author),

Series: Society, Crime and Criminal Justice 12

Category: Law

Language: English

ISBN: 9789061869207

Publication date: November 5, 1998

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Restorative Justice is increasingly becoming an inspiration for renovelling experiments in dealing with the aftermath of offences, a basic orientation in criminological research and a powerful issue in the reforms of ((juvenile) justice.

This volume offers a selection of papers presented in the international conference on Restorative Justice for Juveniles, organised in Leuven, May 1997, by the Research Group on Juvenile Criminology, in concertation with the International Network for Research on Restorative Justice for Juveniles. The participation was very great and brought together a great part of the world’s most authoritative scholars in the field.

The conference resulted in two volumes. This one proposes about half of the free contributions. The selection has been based on intrinsic quality and possibility to enter into a coherent set of contributions. All together, they form an important reader on the concept of restorative justice, its potentials for juveniles, its actual applications and the remaining discussions and topics for research.

What is at Stake in Restorative Justice for Juveniles?
L. Walgrave

Part 1 – Principles of Restorative Justice

Restorative Justice. Variations on a Theme
P. McCold

Restorative Justice: a Question of Legitimacy
J. Trépanier

Victim/offender Conferencing: the Need for Safeguards
M. Wright

Some Principled Objections to a Restorative Justice Approach to Working with Juvenile Offenders
K. Haines

The Nature of Responsibility and Restorative Justice
R. Allen

The Importance of Shame to Restorative Justice
G. Masters

An Ethical and Social Interpretation of Crime through the Concepts ‘Linkedness’ and ‘Integration-Disintegration’. Application to Restorative Justice
J. Deklerck and A. Depuydt

Part 2 – Restorative Justice in Formal Settings

Mediation and Community Service in the Juvenile Justice Legislation in Europe
W. Schelkens

Restorative Justice and the Scottish Children’s Jusmtice System
R.E. Mackay

Italian Experiences of Victim-Offender mediation in the Juvenile Justice System
U. Gatti and A. Ceretti

Mediation and Community Service in the Belgian Law on Juvenile Protection
A. Buonatesta

Restorative Justice Trajectory in Québec
S. Charbonneau

Victim-Offender mediation in Sweden
P. Lindström and K. Svanberg

The Development of Victim/offender Mediation in the German Juvenile Justice System
A. Hartmann and M. Kilching

Part 3 – Restorative Justice in Practice

Restoring Justice in Native Communities in Canada
M. Jaccoud

A Case Study of Restorative Justice: the Vermont Reparative Probation Program
H.D. Sinkinson

Criminal Conflicts Involving Minors: Problems and Perspectives of Victim-offender Mediation
C.E. Paliero and G. Mannozzi

The recidivism Rate of Communtiy Service as a Restitutive Judicial Sanction in Comparison with the Traditional Juvenile Justice Measures
H. Geudens

Critical Assessment of Community Service and Mediation for Juvenile Offenders in Brussels
C. Eliaerts, E. Dumortier and R. Vanderhaeghen

The Juvenile Mediation Project in Leuven
M. Claes


Some Reflections on the paradigm of Restorative Justice and its Viability for Juvenile Justice
E. Fattah


Declaration of Leuven “on the Advisability of Promoting the Restorative Justice Approach to Juvenile Crime”

Lode Walgrave

Lode Walgrave is Emeritus Professor of Criminology and Juvenile Justice at KU Leuven.

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