Learning Disabilities

A Challenge to Teaching and Instruction

P. Ghesquière (Author), A.J.J.M. Ruijssenaars (Author),

Series: Studia Paedagogica 40

Category: Education

Language: English

ISBN: 9789058674449

Publication date: February 28, 2005

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Research on learning disabilities has known a tremendous growth the last 25 years. Yet, despite the progress that is made in diverse domains, learning disabilities still stay a serious challenge to teaching and instruction. In this book the authors try to link original research findings on learning disabilities with instructional methods and teaching practices. The first part of the book brings together contributions about the cognitive, metacognitive and socio-emotional correlates of learning disabilities. The second part of this book goes deeper into research on intervention and instruction methods. After reading this book, not all challenges of learning disabilities to teaching and instruction will be tackled. But it surely can offer some contribution in getting away from some of them. The authors hope it gives a lot of inspiration to the diverse audience they had in mind, practitioners as well as researchers of different disciplines.

Part I: Cognitive, metacognitive and socio-emotional correlates
1. The role of intelligence in the definition of dyslexia
Wim Van den Broeck

2. The role of linguistic skills in the identification of reading problems in emergent bilingual children
Jane M. Hutchinson, Helen E. Whiteley and CHris D. Smith

3. An auditory temporal processing deficit in children with dyslexia?
Mieke Van Ingelghem, Bart Boets, Astrid van Wieringen, Patrick Onghena, Pol Ghesquière, Erik Vandenbussche and Jan Wouters

4. Cognition and metacognition in children with mathematics learning disabilities
Annemie Desoete and Herbert Roeyers

5. The relationship over time between academic performance and behaviour problems in young children
Els Gadeyne, Pol Ghesquière and Patrick Onghena

Part II: Intervention and instruction methods
6. Early literacy intervention: who benefits and who does not?

Helen Whiteley, Chris Smith, Mark Godwin and Suzanne Oakley

7. Intervention approaches for learning difficulties in literacy: an Australian approach
Christina E. van Kraayenoord, Mary Rohl and Judith Rivalland

8. Development of reading comprehension of learners with dyslexia by means of a technique of imaging
Cecilia Bouwer and Vasti Jordaan

P. Ghesquière

A.J.J.M. Ruijssenaars

A.J.J.M. Ruijssenaars is orthopedagoog en hoogleraar orthopedagogiek aan de Rijksuniversiteit Groningen.

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