Defining and Assessing Quality in Early Childhood Education

Ferre Laevers (Author),

Series: Studia Paedagogica 16

Category: Education

Language: English

ISBN: 9789061865865

Publication date: January 1, 1994

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This publication contains a selection from the papers that were presented at theFirst European Conference on the Quality of Early Childhood Education(University of Leuven, September 1991)

Opening Lecture
In defence of Children
Philip Gammage


The longitudinal effects of Early Childhood Education. State of the art in the Anglo-American research
Gaston Geens

Instructional style, age span in child groups and speech, cognitive and socioemotional status
Knut Sundell

School career from 4 to 7: outline of a longitudinal study
Aryan van der Leij, Wim Meijnen, Paul Leeseman


A curriculum for the under fives
Robert G. Burgess, Christina Hughes, Susan Moxon

La journée d’un enfant de quatre ans en Communauté Française de Belgique. Projet préscolaire de l’IEA – Phase 1
Geneviève Hindryckx

Quality in british preschool facilities and the construction of a schale to measure it
Gail McGail

Exploring definitions of quality for children 3-5 in practice
Christine Pascal, Tony Bertram


Les enjeux de la communication dans les premieres années de scolarisation
Agnès Florin

Educational Settings and gender. Some aspects of developmental conditions in preschool setting, related to gender differences in prosocial competence
Solveig Hagglund

Intervention in play activities at dutch primary schools
Egbert G. Harskamp, Y.J. Pijl

Differences in quality and extent of daily time in swedisch preschools
Gunni Karrby

The innovative project Experiential Education and the definiton of quality in education
Ferre Laevers


Higher Order Learning in the Early years Curriculum: a role for imagination
Charles Desforges, Steve Bristow

The development of readings skills in Antillean 4-6 years olds
Hetty Kook, Paul Vedder

Does Ordering lay the foundation of aquiring mathematics in young children
J.J. van Kuyk

Progamme development

Arithmetic training in pre-school
Bo S. Johansson

Factfiler: A programme for developing information handling
Pat MacKenzie

Teacher education

The adoption and implementation research project experiential (Early Childhood) education
Jos Theunissen

Home environment

Parentchild interactions as a system of informal education. Theoretical outline and preliminary findings of a Dutch research project
Paul P.M. Leseman

Ferre Laevers

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