Women, Art, Freedom

Artists and Street Politics in Iran

Pamela Karimi (Author),

Category: Art, Artistic Practice, Asian Studies, Gender Studies

Language: English

ISBN: 9789462704183

Publication date: September 30, 2024

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Artists’ vital role in shaping nonviolent resistance in Iran

Women, Art, Freedom offers an insightful look at the 2022 Woman, Life, Freedom uprising in Iran, ignited by Mahsa Jina Amini’s murder under the “morality police” for violating hijab rules. Beyond its feminist undertones and the remarkable courage of the young protesters, what sets this uprising apart from previous ones is the abundant and diverse art it has inspired. This book, rather than merely analyzing the artworks that garnered attention on social media platforms, brings to light lesser-known grassroots artistic movements that played a crucial role within their immediate local communities. Engaging with primarily Iran-based artists, the book uncovers the role artists played in shaping guerrilla interventions and street occupations and in articulating distinct forms of peaceful civil disobedience. In addition, by drawing on a broad spectrum of historical and theoretical sources, this book further reveals the origins and inspirations of Iran’s protest art. Finally, focusing mainly on the interconnections between the public sphere, women’s bodies, and feminist viewpoints, Women, Art, Freedom underscores the vital role of artists in championing global justice and equality.

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Pamela KarimiORCID icon

Pamela Karimi is a professor of history of art and architecture at the University of Massachusetts Dartmouth. Her expertise lies primarily in the art, architecture and visual culture of the modern and contemporary Middle East. She is the author of 'Domesticity and Consumer Culture in Iran: Interior Revolutions of the Modern Era' and 'Alternative Iran: Contemporary Art and Critical Spatial Practice'.

Woman, Art, Freedom probes every term of its title to document and theorize the aesthetics of rebellion in Iran. Karimi’s terrific book explores the nuances of language, color, calligraphy, graffiti, performance, artistic precedents, and gender identity as she takes up the current movement, finding art to be crucial to parafeminist imaginaries around the globe. - Caroline Jones, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

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