Christian Democracy in the European Union (1945/1995)

Proceedings of the Leuven Colloquium, 15-18 November 1995, 1997

E. Lamberts (Author),

Series: KADOC-Studies 21

Category: History, History 1800-present, Religion

Language: English

ISBN: 9789061868088

Publication date: May 28, 1997

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Christian Democracy has been playing a leading role in political life on the European continent since the Second World War. It is striking that this influential political movement has hardly been studied from an international-comparative perspective. Therefore, between 15 and 18 november 1995, an international and interdisciplinary colloquium was organised in Leuven to shed more light on the historical role of Christian Democracy on the European continent and more specifically in Germany, Italy, France, Belgium and the Netherlands. This volume presents the proceedings of that colloquium.

For each of these five countries, the setting of Christian democracy in the political landscape, its party organisation and its social support are studied. New in the concept of this study is that these aspects are linked to an exploration of the social impact of Christian democracy. Thus the auters ivestigate the influence of Christian Democratic parties on political institutions (parliamentary democracy and European integration) and socio-economic structures (the collective-bargaining economy and the welfare state). Finally, they look at the policy positions they have taken in the religious and ethical field.
The volume concludes with two essays on the collaboration between Christian democratic parties at the European level and their rapprochement with the conservative parties. The future development of European Christian Democracy is also considered.

This book, which deals with a contemporary phenomenon, has been written by historians, political scientists, theologians and philosophers. English may be considered the basic language of this publication, although papers in French, German and Italian are also included.

Emiel Lamberts

La mémoire de la Démocratie chrétienne. Expériences et combats avant 1945
Jean-Dominique Durand

Chapter 1 – Position in the Political Landscape

CDU/CSU im politischen System der Bundesrepublik
Jürgen Schwarz

Christian Democracy in the Netherlands
Hans Martien ten Napel

Christian Democracy in Belgium
Emmanuel Gerard

La Démocratie d’inspiration chrétienne en France
Jean-Marie Mayeur

La Democrazia cristiana in Italia
Francesco Malgeri

Chapter 2 – Social Suport Systems

Die gesellschafliche Basis der CDU/CSU
Hans-Otto Kleinmann

Die Societal Position of Christian Democracy in the Netherlands
Ruud A. Koole

L’ancrage de la Démocratie chrétienne en Belgique
Wilfried Dewachter

The Social Basis of Christian Democacy in France
Peter Van Kemseke

La base sociale della Democrazia cristiana. Elettorato, iscritti e organizzazione
Antonio Parisella

From Family Father to DJ: Christian Democratic Parties and Civil Society in Western Europe
Paul Lucardie

Chapter 3 – Influence on Political Organisation

Der Einfluss der Unionsparteien auf die politische Ordnung der Bundesrepublik Deutschland
Winfried Becker

Christian democracy and Political order in the Netherlands
Rutger S. Zwart

L’influence de la Démocratie chrétienne en Belgique sur l’ordre politique
Emiel Lamberts

L’influenza della Democrazia cristiana sull’ordine politica in Italia
Giorgio Campanini

The Influence of Christian Democracy on Political Structures in Western Europe
Emiel Lamberts

Chapter 4 – Influence on Economic and Social Policy

Sozio-ökonomische Ordnungsvorstellungen der Unionsparteien CDU/CSU
Frans Josef Stegmann

Christian democracy in the Netherlands and its Influence on the Economic and Social Policy
Kees van Kersbergen

L’influence des démocrates-chrétiens dans l’ordre socio-économique en Belgique
Michel Dumoulin

L’apport socio-économique de la Démocratie chrétienne en France
Bruno Béthouart

Democrazia cristiana italiana e politiche socio-economiche
Lucio Avagliano

The Socio-economic Impact of Christian democracy in Western Europe
Michel Dumoulin

Chapter 5 – Influence on Socio-cultural Policy

Der Einfluss der christlichen demokratie auf Gesellschaft und Kultur in der Bundesrepublik
Anton Rauscher

Dutch Christian Democracy and Modern Secularised Culture
Hillie van de Streek

L’influence de la Démocratie chrétienne dans le sphère de la religion, la morale et la culture en Belgique
André Tihon

L’influence de la Démocratie chrétienne dans le sphère de la religion, la morale et la culture en France
Yves-Marie Hilaire

The Influence of Christian Democracy on Socio-cultural Policy in Western-Europe
Anton Rauscher

Chapter 6 – International Co-operation in the European Union

Les démocrates chrétiens au niveau de l’Union Européenne
Philippe Chenaux

The Dilemma for Christian Democracy. Historical Identity and/or political Expediency: Opening the Door to Consevatism
Thomas Jansen

Conclusion – Christian Democracy in the European Union (1945-1995)
Emiel Lamberts

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E. Lamberts

Emiel Lamberts (1941), professor emeritus at KU Leuven, has done extensive research in the field of modern political and religious European history. His most important publications include Christian Democracy in the European Union (1945–1995), The Black International (1870–1878) and the co-edited History of the Low Countries.

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