The Use and Abuse of Eschatology in the Middle Ages

Werner Verbeke (Author), Daniël Verhelst (Author),

Series: Mediaevalia Lovaniensia - Series 1-Studia 15

Category: History, History 500-1500

Language: English

ISBN: 9789061862598

Publication date: January 1, 1988

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The editors hope that enough material has been assembled to illustrate both the positive and the negative aspects of the eschatological element in mediaeval thought. An interdisciplinary approach, wit hits comparative study of sources, helps to highlight the intellectual preoccupations of many religious thinkers who grappled with the overwhelming prospect of Universal destruction, questioned the role of the individual in the economy of salvation, and attempted to see the relevance of everyday social and political events to a vision of history in which the end is nearer than the beginning.


Bernard McGinn, Portraying Antichrist in the Middle Ages

Jos Vaesen, Sulpice Sévère et la fin des temps

Jacques Chocheyras, Fin des terres et fin des temps d’Hésychius

G.J. Reinink, Pseudo-Methodius und die Legende vom römischen Endkaiser

Marc Laureys – Daniel Verhelst, Pseudo-Methodius, Revelationes

Richard Landes, Lest the Millennium be fulfilled

Henricus Fros, L’eschatologie médiévale dans quelques écrits hagiographiques

Guy Lobrichon, L’ordre de ce temps et les désordres de la fin

Coloman Viola, Jugements de Dieu et jugement dernier

Daniel Verhelst, Les textes eschatologiques dans le Liber Floridus

Hans-Werner Goetz, Endzeiterwartung und Endzeitvorstellung in Rahmen des Geschichtsbildes des fruheren 12. Jahrhunderts

Horst Dieter Rauh, Eschatologie und Geschichte im 12. Jahrhundert: Antichrist-Typologie als Medium der Gegenwartskritik

Robert E. Lerner, Frederick II, Alive, Aloft and Allayed

George Marcil, The Enemies in Angelo Clareno’s History of the Franciscan Order

Anne Cazenave, La vision eschatologique des spirituels franciscains autour de leur condamnation

Richard Kenneth Emmerson – Ronald B. Herzmann, The Canterbury Tales in Eschatological Perspective

P.C. Van der Eerden, Eschatology in the Boec van der Wraken

Roberto Rusconi, ‘Ex quodam antiquissimo libello’

Stanislaw Bylina, Le problème du purgatoire en Europe centrale et oriëntale au bas Moyen Age

Henricus Fros, Visionum medii aevi latini repertorium

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Werner Verbeke

Werner Verbeke is Professor Emeritus of Medieval History at KU Leuven.

Daniël Verhelst

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