The History of the Relations between the Low Countries and China in the Qing Era (1644-1911)

Noël Golvers (Author), W.F. Vande Walle (Author),

Series: Leuven Chinese Studies 14

Category: History, History 1500-1800, History 1800-present, Political Science

Language: English

ISBN: 9789058673152

Publication date: August 21, 2003

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The relations between the Low Countries and China in the Qing era constitute a very broad topic, both in terms of time span and fields covered. Low Countries is a widely used historical and geographical term but it is a fairly loose one, with shifting territorial boundaries, denoting differing political, social and economic realities through time and space. As a result there is a considerable measure of vagueness to it. In particular, during the period under review, the countries that are usually subsumed under the term, namely Holland and Belgium, never constituted a political entity or state, except for the brief spell of the United Kingdom of the Netherlands (1815-1830). China may present a clearer contour, a more coherent unity and continuity, yet that may only be due to the distant perspective, for in China too we have quite different and differing realities in the period under review. The relationship between the Low Countries and Qing China was a checkered and complex one, different from, yet complementary to that between China and the major Western powers. For that reason alone, if not for any other, this relationship warrants to be explored and holds the promise of new insights into the history of Sino-Western relations. This collection of contributions deals with cultural contacts, acculturation and inculturation, but it does not address these issues from a unitary perspective. Each author brings his own angle and viewpoint to the whole.



I. Some lesser Known Contributions of Ferdinand Verbiest

Verbiest, Spathar and Chrysanthos: The Spread of Verbiest’s Science to Eastern Europe – E. Nicolaïdis

An Evaluation of F. Verbiest’s Account of his Journey to Manchuria in 1682, its Errors and Problems – T. Pang

II. Antoine Thomas and the Society of Jesus in China

Antoine Thomas’s and George David’s Maps of Asia – E. Lo Sardo

The Role of Antoine Thomas, SJ, (1644-1709) in Determining the Terrestrial Meridian Line in Eighteenth-Century China – J.W. Witek

Antoine Thomas, SJ, and his Mathematical Activities in China: A Preliminary Research through Chinese Sources – Han Qi

Thomas and Tournon – Mission and Money – Cl. von Collani

François Noël, SJ, and the Chinese Rites Controversy – P. Rule

Deux Lazaristes, originaires de la région de Chimay, émissaires de Louis XVI à la cour impériale de Pékin: 1785-1812 – M.-J. Ghislain

III. Dutch Qing Connections

Missionaries, the Low Countries and their Dependencies, as Described in Xie Sui’s Manchu “Pictures of Tribute-Bearers” – G. Stary

Qing Dynasty China in Seventeenth-Century Dutch Literature: 1644-1700 – E. van Kley

The Dutch Foundations of the Gützlaff Mission in China: 1823-1851 – J.G. and R.G. Lutz

Missionary Relations between the Dutch East Indies and China: 1807-1942 – K. Steenbrink

Shandong Missions and the Dutch Connection: 1860-1919 – R.G. Tiedemann

IV. Scheut in China

The Spread of the CICM Mission in the Apostolic Vacariate of Central Mongolia (1865-1911): a General Overview – S. Lievens

“The Most Unfruitful Mission in the World” CICM Fathers Frans and Jozef Hoogers in Xinjiang: 1895-1922 – B. Gorissen

Virgins in Central Mongolia – R. Renson

The Religious Case of Fengzhen District. Reclamation and Missionary Activities in Caqar during the Late Qing Dynasty – P. Taveirne

V. Belgium and Chinese Modernization

Belgian Treaties with China and Japan under King Leopold I – W.F. Vande Walle

Sino-Belgian Relations during the Reign of Leopold II: A Brief Historical Account Based on Chinese Documents – Lin Jinshui

The Bejing-Hankou Railroad and Commercial Development in North China, 1905-1937: A Case-Study of the Impact of Belgian Investment in China – Chang Jui-te

Les étudiants chinois en Begique de 1900 à 1940 – Cl. Soetens

Noël Golvers

W.F. Vande Walle

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