From Challenging Culture to Challenged Culture

The Sicilian Cultural Code and the Socio-Cultural Praxis of Sicilian Immigrants in Belgium

Johan Leman (Author),

Series: Studia Anthropologica 1

Category: Anthropology

Language: English

ISBN: 9789061862352

Publication date: January 1, 1987

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Size: 240 x 160 x mm


The First Part of the book, A Challenging Culture, presents the socio-cultural code in Sicily as observed in the Province of Caltanissetta. The most important structural and geographical factors that are culturally relevant are discussed. The Sicilian culture emerges gradually as a culture of control and challenge, and it is on the basis of this idea that Part II, From Challenge to Change, is developed.



Chapter 1: Caltanissetta, Riesi, and Sutera in the Province of Caltanissetta

Chapter 2: The Bellavias: A Case Study

Chapter 3: The Sicilian Culture: A Phenomenological Reading

1 Honor and Respect as Challenge and Being Challenged

2 The Home, the Nuclear Family, and the Extended Family

A The Nuclear Family: la Mamma and la Casa

B The Nuclear Family: The Other Members

C The Nuclear Family: A Small Survey

D The Distrust (Diffidenza) of Non-Relatives

E The Extended Family

3 The Male, Positive, Non-Family Relations

4 The Female Friendship and the Vicinatu

5 Being Shrewd

6 Patronage and Clientelism

7 The Mafia

8 Bewitchment

9 Religion and Death

Chapter 4: The Cultural Gestalt of a Sicilian Paisi and Socialization

1 The Chiazza, the Amici, and the Paisani: Challenge as Culture

2 The Domestic Space: The “Interior”

3 The Flexible Extensions of the Domestic Space

4 Friendship and Patronage as Buffer Institutions

5 The “Absolute Outer”

6 The Imaginary Shifting of Zones

7 The Structures of the Cultural Gestalt and the Individual

8 The Old Men and the Old Women

9 Respect, Chiazza, Village Culture, and Emigration

10 The Accelerating Sicilian Evolution

Johan Leman

Johan Leman is professor emeritus of Social and Cultural Anthropology at KU Leuven and President of FOYER, a regional minorities centre in Brussels.

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