Aristotle’s Animals in the Middle Ages and Renaissance

Guy Guldentops (Author), Carlos Steel (Author),

Series: Mediaevalia Lovaniensia - Series 1-Studia 27

Category: History, History 500-1500

Language: English

ISBN: 9789061869733

Publication date: October 18, 1999

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Number of pages: 409

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Aristotle’s zoological writings with their wealth of detailed investigations on diverse species of animals have fascinated medieval and Renaissance culture. This volume explores how these texts have been read in various traditions (Arabic, Hebrew, Latin), and how they have been incorporated in different genres (in philosophical and scientific treatises, in florilegia and encyclopedias, in theological symbolism, in moral allegories, and in manuscript illustrations).

This multidisciplinary and multilinguistic approach highlights substantial aspects of Aristotle’s animals.

Carlos Steel
Animaux de la Bible et animaux d’Aristote. Thomas d’Aquin sur Béhémoth l’éléphant

Aafke M.I.van Oppenraay
Michael Scot’s Arabic-Latin Translation of Aristotle’s Books on Animals. Some Remarks concerning the Relation between the Translation and its Arabic and Greek Sources

Mauro Monta
The Zoological Writings in the Hebrew Tradition. The Hebrew Approach to Aristotle’s Zoological Writings and to their Ancient and Medieval Commentators in the Middle Ages

Pieter Beullens
A 13-th Century Florilegium from Aristotle’s Book on Animals: Auctoritates extracte de libro Aristotilis de naturis animalium

Remke Kruk
On Animals: Excerpts of Aristotle and Ibn Sînâ in Marwazî’s Tabâ’i’ al-Hayawân

Isabelle Draelants
La transmission du De animalibus d’Aristote dans le De floribus rerum naturalium d’Arnoldus Saxo

Henryk Anzulewicz
Die aristotelische Biologie in den Frühwerken des Albertus Magnus

Miguel de Asua
Medicine and Philosophy in Peter of Spain’s Commentary on De animalibus

Silvia Nagel
Testi con due redazioni attribuite ad un medesimo autore: il caso del De animalibus di Pietro Ispano

Christian Hünemörder
Der Text des Michael Scotus um die Mitte des 13. Jahrhunderts und Thomas Cantimpratensis III

Theodor Wolfram Köhler
Die wissenschaftstheoretische und inhaltliche Bedeutung der Rezeption von De animalibus für den philosophisch-anthropologischen Diskurs im 13. Jahrhundert

Guy Guldentops
The Sagacity of the Bees. An Aristotelian Topos in Thirteenth-Century Philosophy

Stefano Perfetti
Three Different Ways of Interpreting Aristotle’s De Partibus animalium: Pietro Pomponazzi, Niccolo Leonico Tomeo and Agostino Nifo

Jan Papy
The Attitude towards Aristotelian Biological Thought in the Louvain Medical Treatises during the Sixteenth and Early Seventeenth Century: the Case of Embryology

Baudouin van den Abeele
Une version moralisée du De animalibus d’Aristote (XIVe siècle)

Michel Camille
Bestiary or Biology? Aristotle’s Animals in Oxford, merton College, MS 271

Allan Gotthelf
From Aristotle to Darwin. Closing Words

Guy Guldentops

Carlos Steel

Carlos Steel is emeritus professor of ancient and medieval philosophy at KU Leuven and director of the “Aristoteles Latinus” project.

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