Time and Photography

Jan Baetens (Editor), Alexander Streitberger (Editor), Hilde Van Gelder (Editor),

Series: Lieven Gevaert Series 10

Category: Art, Media and Visual Culture, Photography

Language: English

ISBN: 9789462701472

Publication date: April 10, 2018

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Despite our stereotypical ideas on photographic images as a snapshots (slices of time), photography is fundamentally a time-based medium. The relationships between photography and time are manifold: time can be directly represented within the image, it can be its theme and philosophical horizon, but it can also represent the global framework in which photographic practices develop and change through time. It is the ambition of this book to bring together the various aspect of time in photography as well as of photography in time, and to illustrate them in a series of case studies that focus on seminal authors (e.g. Fox Talbot, Victor Burgin, Robert Morris) and genres (e.g. spirit photography, montage photobooks and tableau photography), with examples ranging from the very first photographic pictures to the most recent cross-medial uses of photography in and outside art. Given the multifaceted dimensions of the notion of time, the book fosters an interdisciplinary approach, gathering essays by photohistorians as well as by authors with a critical or philosophical background. It foregrounds also reading methods of photography that are indebted to fields that have a great expertise in analyzing time such as narratology and literature. Written by international specialists for a non-specialist audience and displaying extraordinary breadth and erudition, this book reshapes our vision of photography in order to include many crucial yet overlooked aspects of time, culture and art.

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Jan Baetens, Alexander Streitberger, Hilde Van Gelder

Part 1 Time and Technology / Devices for Time
Fixing Transience: Photography and other Images of Time in 1830s London
Chitra Ramalingam
Spooked Time: The Temporal Dimensions of Spirit Photography
Louis Kaplan
Modern Time: Revisiting the Tableau
Joanna Lowry

Part 2 Returning Time / Memory / Order
Time and Memory in William Henry Fox Talbot’s Calotypes of Oxford and David Octavius Hill and Robert Adamson’s of St Andrews
Graham Smith
Between Present and Past: Photographic Portugal of the 1950s
Susana S. Martins
Time and Order: Self-reflective Strategies in Photo Essays
Maren Polte

Part 3 Cinematic Time / Duration and Fragment
The Eclipse of Time
Victor Burgin
Suspended Relationships: The Montage Photography Books of Moshe Raviv Vorobeichic
Andrea Nelson
‘An image of an image’: Photography and Robert Morris’s Continuous Project Altered Daily
David Green

Notes on the authors

Jan BaetensORCID icon

Jan Baetens is professor of Literature and Cultural Studies at KU Leuven.

Alexander Streitberger

Alexander Streitberger is professor of modern and contemporary art history at the UCLouvain and director of the Lieven Gevaert Research Centre for Photography, Art, and Visual Culture.

Hilde Van GelderORCID icon

Hilde Van Gelder is professor of contemporary art history at KU Leuven. She is director of the Lieven Gevaert Research Centre for Photography, Art and Visual Culture.

Time, Again, Now
Time and Photography is an anthology of essays that returns us to what has to be one of photographytheory's most familiar and perennial concerns, namely, the variety, character and sense of photographic temporality.
Philosophy of Photography volume 1, issue 2, reviewed by Andrew Fisher, Goldsmiths College, London

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