Situational Aesthetics

Selected Writings by Victor Burgin

Alexander Streitberger (Editor),

Series: Lieven Gevaert Series 9

Category: Art, Media and Visual Culture, Photography

Language: English

ISBN: 9789058677686

Publication date: November 9, 2009

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Highly influential both as an artist and as a theoretician Victor Burgin figures amongst the most insightful thinkers on visual culture in recent times. His writings focus on the production of meanings and affects through images – at the intersections of subjective desire and sociopolitical organization – and cross a diversity of representational practices (photography, film, painting, advertising, television, the internet) and theoretical fields (semiotics, psychoanalysis, feminist theory, cultural studies). The essays in this volume provide a succinct overview of Burgin’s rich and multifaceted work during the last forty years – from its origins in debates within the Conceptual Art movement to its present concern with everyday perception in the environment of global media. The selection includes such classic essays as ‘Situational Aesthetics’ and ‘Photographic Practice and Art Theory’, together with less widely-known articles such as ‘Work and Commentary’ and the previously unpublished essays ‘Shadows, Time and Family Pictures’ and ‘Monument and Melancholia’. The essays are arranged chronologically in sections to represent four salient phases of Burgin’s preoccupations: Conceptual art and photography; A psychical realism; The city and global media; Infinite film. Each section is preceded by an exchange between Victor Burgin and the book’s editor, Alexander Streitberger, to introduce the main lines of thought. Examples from Burgin’s visual works, selected by the editor in consultation with the artist, accompany each section.

Preface – Alexander Streitberger

The Psychotopological Text: Victor Burgin’s Writings in Perspective – Alexander Streitberger

Conceptual Art and Photography

Questions from Alexander Streitberger to Victor Burgin

Situational Aesthetics (1969)

Work and Commentary (1973)

Lei-Feng (1974)

Photographic Practice and Art Theory (1975)

A Psychical Realism

Questions from Alexander Streitberger to Victor BurginPhotography, Phantasy, Function (1980)

Olympia (1982)

Diderot, Barthes, Vertigo (1986)

Geometry and Abjection (1987)

The City and Global Media

Questions from Alexander Streitberger to Victor Burgin

Chance Encounters: Flâneur and Détraquée in Breton’s Nadja (1990)

The City in Pieces (1993)

Shadows, Time and Family Pictures (1996)

Watergate (2000)

The Perpetual Infinite Film

Questions from Alexander Streitberger to Victor Burgin

The Noise of the Marketplace (2003)

he Time of the Panorama (2005)

Monument and Melancholia (2008)

Solito Posto (2008)

About Solito Posto (2009)


Index of terminology

Alexander Streitberger

Alexander Streitberger is professor of modern and contemporary art history at the UCLouvain and director of the Lieven Gevaert Research Centre for Photography, Art, and Visual Culture.

Burgin ontleedt vastgeroeste denkpatronen
Hij is het minder bekende broertje van conceptuele mastodonten als Joseph Kosuth of Dan Graham. Toch is hij niet minder belangrijk geweest.[...] Burgin excelleerde in de meest ongerijmde combinaties die er te maken zijn tussen beeld en kunst. [...] In zwart-wit foto's op groot formaat, met soms poëtische, soms theoretische teksten half door het beeld gedrukt, ontleed hij betekenissen van beelden of geeft ze juist een verrassend nieuwe betekenis.

Lucette ter Borg, NRC Handelsblad, 5 juni 2014

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