Meta- and Inter-Images in Contemporary Visual Art and Culture

Carla Taban (Editor),

Category: Art, Media and Visual Culture

Language: English

ISBN: 9789058679574

Publication date: October 14, 2013

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Exploring the epistemological potential of meta- and inter-images
Since the 1990s, when the question of the visual became central in various arts and humanities disciplines, images that refer to themselves as such or to other images have enjoyed an increasing interest. Meta- and Inter-Images in Contemporary Visual Art and Culture partakes in, enriches and updates these debates. It investigates what meta- and inter-images can make known about the visual, in its own terms, by its own means.

Written by scholars in aesthetics, art history, and cultural, film, literary, media, and visual studies, the essays gathered here tackle meta- and inter-images in an array of creative artefacts, practices, and media. They unfold the epistemological potential of every meta- and inter-image discussed to raise questions such as: What are images? How do they work? By whom, to what purpose, to what effect and in what context/s are they used? How are they created and understood? And how do they challenge our (pre)conceptions of images and the ways we study them?

This publication is GPRC-labeled (Guaranteed Peer-Reviewed Content).

Contributors: Maaheen Ahmed (Université catholique de Louvain), Vangelis Athanassopoulos (Université Paris I Panthéon-Sorbonne), Sotirios Bahtsetzis (Hellenic Open University), Concepción Cortés Zulueta (Universidad Autónoma de Madrid), Mafalda Dâmaso (Goldsmiths, University of London), Elisabeth-Christine Gamer (University of Bern), Amanda Gluibizzi (Ohio State University), Stella Hockenhull (University of Wolverhampton), Anaël Lejeune (Université catholique de Louvain), Fabrice Leroy (University of Louisiana at Lafayette), Johanna Malt (King’s College London), Olga Moskatova (IKKM, Bauhaus-Universität Weimar), Magdalena Nowak (The Graduate School for Social Research at the Polish Academy of Sciences), Jorgelina Orfila (Texas Tech University), Fran Pheasant-Kelly (University of Wolverhampton), Raphaël Pirenne (School of Graphic Research, E.R.G. Brussels), Abigail Susik (Willamette University)

Table of Contents

Prefac e and Acknowledgements

Meta- and Inter-Images in Contemporary Visual Art and Culture
Carla Taban

1. Meta- and Inter-Images: Reshaping Approaches to Image Study
Works of Art as Meta-Images: On the Use of Photographs for the Study of Art History
Jorgelina Orfila

Picturing the Frame: An Aesthetic Approach to Film Studies
Case Study of The Age of Innocence (Scorsese 1993)
Stella Hockenhull

Bill Viola’s Synthetic Atlases
Magdalena Nowak

2. Meta- and Inter-Images: Rethinking the Ways We Think about the Image
The Image in Its Absence
Johanna Malt

Configurations of Emptiness: Intericonic Blanks in Louise Lawler’s
A Movie without the Picture and Hiroshi Sugimoto’s Theaters
Elisabeth-Christine Gamer

The Image by Itself: Photography and Its Double
Vangelis Athanassopoulos

3. Meta- and Inter-Images: Making Visible the Appearance into View
Mel Bochner’s Perspective Photographs and the Modernist Conditions of Visibility
Anaël Lejeune

Deleuzian Meta-Cinematic Images in Ilya Kabakov’s “Total Installation”
Sotirios Bahtsetzis

Re-Inscriptions: Microscopy of Time and Motion
Olga Moskatova

4. Meta- and Inter-Images: Revealing the Ideological Density of Images
Images against Images: On Goshka Macuga’s The Nature of the Beast
Mafalda Dâmaso

Beyond Simulation: Inter-Textuality, Inter-Imaging and Pastiche in The Artist (Hazanavicius 2011)
Fran Pheasant-Kell y

5. Meta- and Inter-Images: Visualising the Invisible, Concealing the Visible
Generating New Epistemological Coordinates: Roberto Matta’s Open Cubes as Meta-Images
Maaheen Ahmed

How Does a Snail See the World? Imagining Non-Human Animals’ Visual Umwelten
Concepción Cortés Zulueta

Mimesis, Coding, Programming: Considerations on the Meta-Image and the Microcontroller in Contemporary New Media Art
Abigail Susik

6. Meta- and Inter-Images: Highlighting the Permeability of Mediums/a
‘Navigation’ by the ‘Vernacular Glance’: Robert Rauschenberg’s ‘Maps’
Amanda Gluibi zzi

Everything Is Purged from This Painting but Art. John Baldessari: Meta-Picture and Post-Mediality, 1966-1968
Raphaël Pirenne

On Exactitude in Modeling: Mimesis and Meta-Image in Dolorès
by Anne Baltus, François Schuiten and Benoît Peeters
Fabrice Leroy


Carla Taban

Carla Taban is Sessional Lecturer I at the University of Toronto (Canada).

Ces investigations ne cherchent pas à établir une seule définition de ces méta- et inter- images, mais plutà´t à envisager l'ampleur de leurs métamorphoses à travers le prisme des sciences humaines et sociales. Parmi les problématiques récurrentes se pose la constitution des images et leur reconfiguration en fonction de leur environnement, la réception de ces images, l'enjeu et les effets de manipulation enclenchés par leur médiatisation. Ces perspectives d'approches permettent de décrypter leurs multiples terrains d'actions et les formes qu'elles recouvrent. Cette coalition interdisciplinaire enrichit et précise la conceptualisation de ces phénomènes contemporains.
Marion Lemoult, Critique d'art [En ligne], mis en ligne le 15 novembre 2015, URL :

Although some art-historical and art-theoretical skills might be useful for some topics in the book, it is still recommendable for any scholar interested in meta- and inter-referentiality. In any event, this volume is a useful contribution to a widening debate on this subject because it offers an array of interesting reflections on artistic, ontological, epistemological and ideological determinants of M&I-images.
Natalie Schwarz (2015), Visual Studies, DOI: 10.1080/1472586X.2015.1020086

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