Medieval Narrative Sources

A Gateway into the Medieval Mind

Ludo Milis (Author), Werner Verbeke (Author), Jean Goossens (Author),

Series: Mediaevalia Lovaniensia - Series 1-Studia 34

Category: History, History 500-1500

Language: English

ISBN: 9789058673985

Publication date: June 13, 2005

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More than ten years ago, some mediaevalists of the K.U.Leuven and the University of Ghent joined together to create a repertory of medieval narrative sources focusing on the southern Low Countries. A pre-print was published in a paper version and was soon followed by the electronic database entitled “Narrative Sources” which is available through the Internet. Since 1996, “Narrative Sources” has been adapted, supplemented and rearranged every year and over the years the number of inventoried items has been increased to far more than 2150 titles. The information present thus far in “Narrative Sources” already allows and facilitates the study of the sources as such, individually or collectively, qualitatively or quantitatively.

In a next step the goal would be the exploitation of the contents, with a specific focus on monastic historiography, its social setting, and self-image. In this proceeding some of the scholars working on this project present their work, their methodology and their results to-date.

Ludo Milis
Medieval Narrative Sources: A Fascinating Gateway into the Medieval Mind

Renée Nip
Changing Demands, Chaniging Tools : A Survey of Narrative Historical Sources Written during the Middle Ages in the Northern Low Countries

Elisabeth van Houts
Gender, Memories and Prophecies in Medieval Europe

Steven Vanderputten
From Sermon to Science: Monastic Prologues from the Southern Low Countries as Witnesses of Historical Consciousness (10th-15th Centuries)

Paul Bertrand
Réformes ecclésiastiques, luttes d’influence et hagiographie à l’abbaye de Maubeuge (IXe-XIe s.)

Brigitte Meijns
The ‘Life of Bishop John of Thérouanne’ by Archdeacon Walter (1130) and the Bishop’s Pastoral Activities

Michael Goodich
Microhistory and the Inquisitiones into the Life and Miracles of Philip of Bourges and Thomas of Hereford

Werner Verbeke
La ‘Vie de saint Amand’ par Gillis de Wevel et ses modèles

Pieter-Jan De Grieck
L’image de la ville et l’identité monastique dans l’oeuvre de Gilles Li Muisis (1272-1353)

Janick Appelmans
The Abbey of Affligem and the Emergence of a Historiographic Tradition in Brabant (1268-1322)

Thomas Koch
Selbstvergewisserung und Memoria in der Devotio Moderna: Die Traditionscodices der brabantischen Augustiner-Chorherrenstifte

Rudi Künzel
Oral and Written Traditions in the ‘Versus de unibove’

Geert H.M. Claassens
The ‘Schale of Boendale’: On Dealing with Fact and Fiction in Vernacular Medieval Literature

Steven Vanderputten
Une iconographie de l’historiographie monastique: réalité ou fiction?

Annex :
Jeroen Deploigne
The Database Narrative Sources from the Medieval Low Countries: A short introduction followed by the User’s guide

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Ludo Milis

Werner Verbeke

Werner Verbeke is Professor Emeritus of Medieval History at KU Leuven.

Jean Goossens

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