“Lors est ce jour grant joie nee”

Essais de langue et de littérature françaises du moyen âge

Michele Goyens (Editor), Werner Verbeke (Editor),

Series: Mediaevalia Lovaniensia - Series 1-Studia 41

Category: History, History 500-1500

Language: French

ISBN: 9789058677402

Publication date: July 14, 2009

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Number of pages: 200

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Series: Mediaevalia Lovaniensia - Series 1-Studia 41

Category: History, History 500-1500

Language: French

DOI: 10.11116/9789461661128

ISBN: 9789461661128

Publication date: July 14, 2009

€10.00 (including 6% VAT)

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Number of pages: 200

Stock item: 56355


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This volume gathers eight contributions regarding the French medieval language and literature. They are a selection of papers presented during a colloquium organized in honor of Prof. Emeritus Willy Van Hoecke, whose passion for French diachronic linguistics and medieval literature has driven him to develop some techniques for critical text edition, applied to the oeuvre of Baudouin de Condé, techniques which he also used for the edition of Jean d’Antioche’s Rectorique de Marc Tulles Cyceron. The papers collected here regard a variety of subjects: historical phraseology, medieval authors, some specific literary characters, addressees of medieval literature, certain types of literary texts, and the relationship between Middle Dutch and Old French literature. With contributions by: Herman Braet, Claude Buridant, Brigitte L. Callay, Geert H.M. Claassens, Yasmina Foehr-Janssens, Dulce Maria Gonzalez Doreste, Cinzia Pignatelli, Remco Sleiderink, Colette Van Coolput-Storms.


Phraséologie historique du français: esquisse de bilan et perspectives

Brigitte L. Callay

Crestïen qui dire siaut in Guillaume d’Angleterre

Colette Van Coolput-Storms

Démarche persuasive et puissance émotionnelle: le Romanz
de Dieu et de sa Mere
d’Herman de Valenciennes

Yasmina Foehr-Janssens

Variations autour d’une figure d’auteur: Baudouin de Condé dans les manuscrits


Jean d’Antioche et les exempla ajoutés à la traduction des Otia imperialia de Gervais de Tilbury

Herman Braet – Dulce
Maria Gonzàlez Doreste

Infelix Dido: Sur la fortune d’une infortune


De Torrez à Torec: un roman arthurien en moyen néerlandais et sa source inconnue en ancien français


La dame d’Audenarde comme juge d’amour: Le rapport intertextuel entre Li Romans du Vergier et de l’Arbre d’Amors et une chanson de Gillebert de Berneville

Index nominum

Index rerum

Michele Goyens

Werner Verbeke

Werner Verbeke is Professor Emeritus of Medieval History at KU Leuven.

This collection dedicated to Willy Van Hoecke unites a number of interesting if somewhat uneven essays. Given the wide variety of topics treated, the volume will be of interest to scholars in a range of disciplines.
Tara Foster, Northern Michigan University, afoster@nmu.edu, H-France Review Vol. 10 (July 2010), No. 100

This collection of eight essays addressing various aspects of medieval French language and literature was assembled in honor of Willy Van Hoecke, a distinguished Belgian philologist, who retired in 2004 after a remarkably productive 40-year career. Although the essays cover a wide range of literary and linguistic topics, they are primarily focused on the twelfth and thirteenth centuries.
All eight essays are admirably researched and very well documented. This is not a book intended for a general audience, and even readers who are reasonably well acquainted with medieval French literature will not be familiar with most of the texts examined here, many of which are fairly obscure. Academic libraries with extensive holdings in the medieval area, however, may wish to consider purchasing this work.

French review 84.4

Traversant les frontières disciplinaires et linguistiques, les articles dans ce volume explorent les différents aspects du parcours professionnel du prof. Van Hoecke et nous offrent une riche collection d'une très haute qualite.
K. Krause, Bulletin Codicologique 2011, 2

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