Ionic Currents and Ischemia

J. Vereecke (Author), P. Van Bogaert (Author),


Language: English

ISBN: 9789061864073

Publication date: January 1, 1990

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Size: 240 x 160 x mm


SECTION I Piper H.M., Koop A., Noll T., Schlüter K.D., Siegmund B. Critical cardiomyocyte injury in oxygen depletion and repletion Kléber A.G. Changes of intracellular and extracellular ionic activities in early myocardial ischemia – A review of experimental findings and hypotheses Morad M. Regulation of Ca2+ release in mammalian cardiac myocytes Isenberg G., Benndorf K. Action potential and membrane currents during metabolic inhibition Noma A., Takano M. The cardiac ATP-sensitive K+ channel Krnjevic K. Acute Hypoxia on Hippocampal Neurons Janse M.J. Models of ischemia and mechanisms of arrhythmias Shattock M.J., Hearse D.J., Matsuura H. Ionic currents underlying oxidant stress-induced arrhythmias Flameng W. Myocardial protection SECTION II Pappano A.J., Tanaka M., Mészàros J. Palmitoylcarnitine, a metabolite of ischemia, inhibits sodium pump current in guinea pig ventricular myocytes Von Beckerath N., Mehrke G., Daut J. The role of adenosine in hypoxic dilation of coronary arteries Kammermeier H. Interrelationship of metabolic and electrochemical driving forces in myocardial hypoxia and ischemia Hirche Hj., Knopf H., Homburg H., Walser R. Net flux rates of K, Na and Ca during ischaemia in isolated rat hearts Vanheel B., de Hemptinne A. Effects of extracellular and intracellular acidification on the increase of papillary muscle interstitial K+ activity during simulated ischemia Callewaert G., Lipp P., Pott L., Carmeliet E. Two components of calcium release from sarcoplasmic reticulum in guinea-pig atrial myocytes Jongsma H.J., Rook M.B., Wilders R., Takens B.R., van Ginneken A.C.G. Factors influencing conductance of gap junctions between heart cells Zhang Z., Gao R.-B., Zhu B.-Y., Mei Y.-A., Xu Y.-Q. Electrophysiological changes during “ischemic” solution perfusion in sheep cardiac Purkinje fibres Jiang M.-C., Shi W.-B., Xu Y.-Q. The effect of “ischemic” solution on the diastolic depolarisation rate in sheep cardiac Purkinje fibres Luk H.-N., Carmeliet E. Effects of sodium-activated potassium current during inhibition of sodium-potassium pump Veldkamp M., Vereecke J., van Ginneken A., Carmeliet E. Use of the patch clamp technique to examine modulation of the sodium-activated potassium channel by intracellular pH Coraboeuf E., Coulombe A., Lefèvre I., Deroubaix E. Some aspects of the pharmacology of the Ca-independent transient outward current in cardiac tissues Weis T., Berger F., Borchard U., Hafner D., Piper H.M. Pharmacological modulation of transient outward current in rat ventricular myocytes Scamps F., Alvarez J., Vassort G. Effects of adenylic compounds on rat and human isolated auricular cardiomyocytes Enous R., Coetzee W.A., Opie L.H. Effects of angiotensin II on the transient inward current in single isolated guinea-pig ventricular myocytes Vaughan-Jones R.D., Gasser R.N.A. Mechanism of potassium efflux and action potential shortening during myocardial ischaemia

J. Vereecke

P. Van Bogaert

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