In the Name of Mozart

Photographs by Malou Swinnen

Hilde Van Gelder (Author),

Series: Lieven Gevaert Series 3

Category: Art, Media and Visual Culture, Photography

Language: English

ISBN: 9789058675699

Publication date: November 10, 2006

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Number of pages: 64

Size: 240 x 160 x 10 mm

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This book is the result of a collaborative project, commissioned to the Lieven Gevaert Research Centre for Photography and Visual Studies at the KULeuven by the Concertgebouw Bruges. Complying to its mission as a laboratory for creation, the Concertgebouw seeks farreaching synergies between different artistic media. Photography and music thus found one another in a creative encounter that lasted six months, during MOZART06, the Concertgebouw’s festival in the Spring of 2006. In the Name of Mozart, a double series of photographic portraits realised by Belgian photographer Malou Swinnen, is the outcome of this research. Malou Swinnen has portrayed seventeen Mozart performers, right before entering the stage, in two different states. The images are all included in this book and are accompanied by statements from the portrayed musicians themselves. The fascinating relationship between photography and music is addressed in an essay written by Katelijne Schiltz and Hilde Van Gelder. Liesbeth Decan has interviewed Malou Swinnen in depth. This results in an interview-essay that offers challenging historical insights into the artist’s work.

Bart Demuyt

Prelude: The Project ‘In the Name of Mozart’
Hilde Van Gelder

Sounding Silence: Mozart, Music and the Visual Arts
Katelijne Schiltz and Hilde Van Gelder

From Faces & Fascinations (1985) to Cet obscur objet…(2005)
On the Oeuvre of Malou Swinnen
Liesbeth Decan

Hilde Van GelderORCID icon

Hilde Van Gelder is professor of contemporary art history at KU Leuven. She is director of the Lieven Gevaert Research Centre for Photography, Art and Visual Culture.

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