Ancient Stones: Quarrying Trade and Provenance

Interdisciplinary Studies on Stones and Stone Technology in Europe and Near East from the Prehistoric to the Early Christian Period

Marc Waelkens (Editor), M. Moens (Editor), N. Herz (Editor),

Series: Acta Archaeologica Lovaniensia - Monographiae 4


Language: English

ISBN: 9789061864943

Publication date: January 1, 1992

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Size: 275 x 210 x mm


Quarries and quarry technology Bronze age quarries and quarrying techniques in the Eastern Mediterranean and the Near East M. Waelkens Bronze age quarries on the Eastern coastal zone of Crete (Greece) J. Pazpageorgakis, N. Mourtzas, A. Orfanoudaki The relation between a quarrying site and a city-center. The case of the ancient city of Karthaia, Keos island, Greece E. Kolaiti, L.G. Mendoni The ancient limestone quarries of Profitis Elias near Delfi (Greece) J. Papageorgakis, E. Kolaiti The military protection of the quarries of the Aliki area during the Byzantine period T. Kozelj, M. Wurch-Kozelj Satellite imaging for quarry prospection Satellite imaging: a preliminary to prospecting for quarries and natural resources B.C. Cullen, F.A. Coopers, M.E. Bauer The dressing of quarry artifacts Observations on two types of quarry-items from Proconnesus: colums-shafts and column-bases N. Asgari The method used for dressing the columns of the Colosseum portico P. Pensabene Trade, availability and use of specific stones in antiquity Exportation of dolomitic marble from Thasos: evidence from European and North American collections J.J. Herrmann, Jr. Building stones and their provenance in the Etruscan township of Marzabotto near Bologna (Northern Italy) E. Bozzo, F. Merlanti, G. Rocca The Roman Imperial marble yard at Portus J. Claylon Fant Relationship between style and size of statuary and the availability of marble in the Eastern Roman Empire S. Kane, S.C. Carrier The polychrome marble of Augusta Praetoria G. Bortolaso, L. Appolonia Felsberg granite as a substitute for Claudianus granite G. Röder Provenance determination techniques of stone material A re-examination of Nahal Lavan obsidian J. Yellin, F. Frachtenberg Preliminary study of flint sources in Israel by neutron activation analysis F. Frachtenberg, J. Yellin Geochemical and petrographic characterization of “rosso antico” and other white-grey marbles of Mani (Greece) C. Gorgoni, I. Kokkinakis, L. Lazzarini, M. Mariottini A first characterization of the most important granites used in antiquity G. Galetti, L. Lazzarini, M. Maggetti Analysis of weathered dolomitic marble from Thasos, Greece E. Doehne, J. Podany, W. Showers Preliminary study on the isotopic and chemical characterization of marbles from Alto Alentejo (Portugal) J.M.P. Cabral, M.C.R. Vieira, P.M. Carreira, M.O. Figueiredo, T.P. Pena, A. Tavares Provenance signatures for classical limestone D.B. Wenner, N. Herz The re-evaluation of stable isotope data for Pentelic marble K.J. Matthews, L. Moens, S. Walker, M. Waelkens, P. De Paepe Provenance investigation of marbles with ESR spectroscopy: further developments V. Mandi, Y. Maniatis, Y. Bassiakos, V. Kilikoglou Porosimetric identification of sandstones and arkoses used on historical buildings J. Srámek, J. Rathousky, P. Schneider Differentiation of blue cathodoluminescing white marbles V. Barbin, K. Ramseyer, D. Fontignie, S. Bums, D. Decrouez Angular distribution of light diffused from laserirradiated crystalline marbles. Potential use for identification purposes G. Gareri, L. Lazzarini, V. Mazzacurati Computer-assisted color assessment of chemtou and rosso antico marble G.V. Foster, D.G. Lloyd, H.L. Loats Multidisciplinary research and cooperation: keys to a successful provenance determination of white marble L. Moens, P. De Paepe, M. Waelkens Provenance determination applied to ancient artifacts E. Doehne, J. Podany, W. Showers An analytical investigation of white marble sculptures from the Pasel Museum of Ancient Art and Ludwig Collection, Switzerland P. De Paepe, L. Moens, P. Roos, V. Barbin, D. Decrouze, K. Ramseyer, L. Thommen, E. Berger, K. Faltermeier The use of marble in Latium between 70 and 150 A.D. Icpaes for determination of the provenance of white marbles L. Moens, P. Roos, P. De Paepe, R. Lunsingh Scheurleer The Lepsius marbles M. Moltesen, N. Herz, J. Moon Isotopic analysis of a group of Roman Gorgon sarcophagi L. Stowel Pearson, N. Herz Provenance investigation of marble artifacts now in the collection of the Museum of Art and History in Geneva K. Ramseyer, D. Decrouez, V. Barbin, S.J. Burns, L. Moens, P. De Paepe, P. Roos, J. Chamay, J.L. Maier

Marc Waelkens

Marc Waelkens is Professor of Eastern Mediterranean Archaeology and director of the Sagalassos Archaeological Research Project and the Centre for Archaeological Sciences at KU Leuven.

M. Moens

N. Herz

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