Theatrical Heritage

Challenges and Opportunities

Bruno Forment (Editor), Christel Stalpaert (Editor),

Category: History, History 1500-1800, History 1800-present, Music

Language: English

ISBN: 9789462700239

Publication date: May 6, 2015

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Despite eye-opening discoveries, exhibitions, and performances, many valuable artefacts and documents of the performing arts continue to linger in oblivion. How do these sources affect our understanding and appreciation of the theatrical past? Which challenges and opportunities arise from their reuse in modern contexts, museal and non-museal? Theatrical Heritage addresses these and related issues from a broad perspective. In accessible essays written by theatre and music scholars, performers, directors, conservators, and administrators from Europe and the USA, new methods are advanced to reactivate the theatrical past.

This publication is GPRC-labeled (Guaranteed Peer-Reviewed Content).

A Twenty-First-Century Plea for Vintage, Heritage-Friendly Theater
Bruno Forment

Part I In Light of the Theatrical Fact
Theaterfeuer or Sublime Horreur
Operatic Pyrotechnics in the Eighteenth Century
John A. Rice

Mechanical Rules versus Abnormis Gratia
Revaluing Gilbert Austin’s Chironomia (1806) as a Source for Historical Acting Techniques
Jed Wentz

A Reinvention of Contemporary Lighting Practice Drawing on Fred Bentham’s 1930s Light Console
Nick Hunt

Part II Reviving the Operatic Past
Divas, Arias, and Acrimony
The Revolving Door of Musical Resources for London’s Italian Opera
Michael Burden

The Misadventures of Artaserse (Turin, 1760)
J. C. Bach’s First Italian Opera from Production to Performance
Margaret R. Butler

The Mechanics of Magic (or Vice Versa)
Sigrid T’Hooft and the Historically Informed Performance of Opera
Bruno Forment

Affective Education and Performative Space
In Francesca Caccini’s La liberazione di Ruggiero dall’isola d’Alcina (1625 and 2012)
Christine Fischer

Part III Theatrical Infrastructure Rebuilt, Endangered, and Lost Visualizing the Theatrical Past
The Virtual Reconstruction of Theatrical Heritage
Timothy De Paepe

The ‘Bourla’ in Antwerp
Machinery from 1834 on the Brink of Dismantling?
Jerome Maeckelbergh

O Tempora, O Mores
A Discourse of Neglect and Destruction
Frank Peeters

Part IV From Performance to Archive
An Empty Stage
Assessing the Value of Theatrical Collections
Riemer R. Knoop

The Document as Event
Assessing the Value of Digital Collections for Theatrical Heritage
Thomas Crombez

From the Conservation to the Production of Archives
The Portail des Arts de la Marionnette, Reference and Vehicle for New Ambitions in the Cultural Heritage of the Performing Arts
Raphaèle Fleury

Beyond the Archive
Safeguarding Theatrical Heritage: a Strategy for the Empowerment of Artistic Communities
Maarten De Pourcq & Staf Vos


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Bruno FormentORCID icon

Bruno Forment is the principal investigator of the ‘Resounding Libraries’ research cluster at Orpheus Instituut and the Leader of the ‘Performances’ Working Group in the European COST Action EarlyMuse.

Christel Stalpaert

Christel Stalpaert is Professor of Theatre Studies at Ghent University.

This book invites you to reassess our modern safe conventions and to add the magic component of immediacy. Heady stuff.
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