The Concept of Russia

Patterns for Political Development in the Russian Federation

Francisca Scharpé (Editor), Katlijn Malfliet (Editor),

Category: Political Science

Language: English

ISBN: 9789058673459

Publication date: January 28, 2004

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Number of pages: 113

Size: 240 x 160 x 10 mm


How can we best define Russia’s long-term national interests in the field of political sovereignty, sustainable economic development and military security? How will Russia view its federal state structure, as it finds itself confronted with a centuries-old tension between national and regional identity? Does Russia have to make a choice between East and West? All these questions relate to the centuries-old debate on the “Russian Idea”. This book is a collection of the contributions to the lecture series “The Concept of Russia: Patterns for Political Development in the Russian Federation”, which was organized in the spring of 2003 by the Chair Interbrew-Baillet Latour at the Katholieke Universiteit Leuven (K.U.Leuven). Throughout this series of lectures, the Chair sought to study the quest for Russian identity, approaching this multi-layered and diffuse problem from a historical, political, cultural and economic perspective. In the context of the Chair Interbrew-Baillet-Latour on the relations between Russia and the European Union, the Katholieke Universiteit Leuven and the Université Catholique de Louvain-la-Neuve (UCL) jointly organise research on the nature of Euro-Russian relations, with a view to monitoring the evolving relationship and placing it in a theoretical framework.


List of Abbreviations

Katlijn Malfliet

Introduction: Some Ideas on the “Russian Idea”

Geoffrey Hosking

The State and Identity Formation in Russia: a Historical Account

Wim Coudenys

On the Russianness of Russian Historiography

Irina Busygina

Federalism and Administrative Reform by President Putin in the Context of Democratic Transition in Russia

John Löwenhardt

Policy, Loyalty and Geographic Constraints in Russia

Irina Kobrinskaya

Russia in the Transforming International Security System. The Role of Russia in the Present International Security System.

Philip Hanson

Making a Good Entrance. Russia’s Re-engagement with the World Economy and, unfortunately, with Europe in Particular

The Contributors

The Editors

Francisca Scharpé

Katlijn Malfliet

Katlijn Malfliet, Institute for International and European Policy at KU Leuven

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