Industrial Minerals

Resources, Characteristics and Applications

Patrick Degryse (Editor), Jan Elsen (Editor),

Series: Aardkundige Mededelingen 13

Category: Science Engineering and Technology

Language: English

ISBN: 9789058673169

Publication date: October 13, 2003

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Size: 290 x 210 x mm


This issue of Aardkundige Mededelingen deals with industrial minerals, their resources, characteristics and applications. It is the result of an academic session on industrial minerals in honour of Em. Prof. Dr. R. Ottenburgs. The contributions are organized according to five topics. In a first part, ‘The Industrial Mineral World’, some considerations on our natural resources, their use and political impact are presented. In a second part of the study, ‘Aggregates and Natural Building Stone’, a number of case-studies on the use of industrial minerals as aggregate and ornamental or building stone are discussed. In a third part of the volume, ‘Mortar, Cement and Concrete’, the study of ancient mortars as well as exploratory research into new materials is illustrated. In a fourth session, ‘Clays and Soils’, environmental aspects of soils and the economical use of clay deposits are highlighted. In a fifth and final part of the book, ‘Steel’, the link between ores and industrial minerals is made. It is clear that the study of industrial minerals has many faces and covers many disciplines. The impact of industrial minerals on the world’s economy, but also on the environment, cannot be emphasized enough. This book gives an overview of the wide and rich diversity of research currently performed in the realm of the industrial minerals.

P. Degryse & J. Elsen
Industrial Minerals – Resources, Characteristics and Applications – An Introduction

The Industrial Mineral World

L. Huyghebaert
The industrial Mineral Market: Major Players, Competition between Minerals and Special Applications

R.A. Kühnel
Energy and Industrial Minerals

M.J.Van der Meulen, T.P.F.Koopmans | H.S. Pietersen
Construction Raw Materials Policy and Supply Practices in Northwestern Europe

Aggregates and Natural Building Stones

R.A. Kühnel
Versatile Basalt: Facts and Problems

E. Goemare
Sandstones, Quartzites and Calcite-cemented Sandstones for Aggregates and Ornamental Stone in the Walloon Region (Belgium)

A. Vervoort, L. Halleux & C. Grégoire
Crinoidal Limestone: Observation of Discontinuities form Micro- to Macro-scale

Mortar, Cement & Concrete

K. Callebaut, R. Ottenburgs, K. Van Balen
Petrographical and Mineralogical Analysis of Historical Lime Mortars in Belgium

J. Decleer
Exploratory Research into New Materials: Use of Carbon Residue in Concrete Applications and Transformation of Silicates into Filling Materials

J. Elsen, J. Desmyter, E.Soers
Alkali-Silica Reaction in Concrete in Belgium – a review

K. Van Balen
Contribution to the Understanding of the Lime Cycle during History in Western Europe

Clays & Soils

L. Broothaers
Trace-elements in Unconsolidated Sedimentary Rocks of the Flemish Region (Belgium) in a Legislative Context

S. Dewaele, R. Ottenburgs, P. Van Oyen, W. Viaene
Prospection and Evaluation of Clay deposits in the Republic of Ireland


R. Dekkers
Non-Metallic Inclusions and Steel Celanliness


Patrick Degryse

Patrick Degryse is professor of geochemistry at the Department of Earth and Environmental Sciences, KU Leuven, and professor of archaeometry at the Faculty of Archaeology, Leiden University.

Jan Elsen

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