Contributions to the Geology of Belgium and Northwest Europe

Proceedings of the first Geologica Belgica International Meeting

Patrick Degryse (Editor), Manuel Sintubin (Editor),

Series: Aardkundige Mededelingen 12

Category: Science Engineering and Technology

Language: English

ISBN: 9789058672469

Publication date: September 10, 2002

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Number of pages: 297

Size: 297 x 210 x mm


This collection of short papers constitutes the Proceedings of the first Geologica Belgica International Meeting, held in Leuven in September 2002. The 70 peer reviewed papers are organised according to 7 themes: Active and brittle tectonics; Mesozoic and Caenozoic sedimentary cover; Palaeozoic basin dynamics; Palaeoenvironment: linking data and models; Fluids in geological processes; Hydrogeology and environmental geology; and Engineering geology and geology of construction materials. In each of the themes the papers reflect the wide and rich diversity of the fundamental and applied research in earth sciences currently being performed in Belgium and neighbouring regions. In some of the themes special emphasis is given to the presentation of the current state of the art on a particular subject. This is the case for the palaeoseismological research along the southwestern margin of the Roer Valley Graben System, the litho- and biostratigraphy and tectonometamorphic history of the Brabant Massif, and the role of fluids in deformation, diagenesis and metamorphism in the Variscan orogeny.

On the Crossroads
P. Degryse, M. Sintubin

Active and Brittle Tectonics

  • Exploring the Belgian Maas valley between Neeroeteren and Bichterweert for evidence of active faulting (Vanneste K., Verbeeck K., Camelbeeck T.)

  • The use of cone penetration tests in paleoseismological investigations (Verbeeck K., Béatse H., Vanneste K., Camelbeeck T.)
  • Absolute gravity measurements in Belgium: a tool for geodynamic interpretation (Van Camp M., Francis O., Camelbeeck T.)
  • Le système karstique de la Grotte de Hotton (Belgique): apport de létude structurale et cartographique à la karstogénèse et implications paléoseismologique (Delaby S., Vandycke S., Dejonghe L., Quinif Y., Dubois Y.)
  • Caenozoic evolution of the Channel and southern North Sea areas (Western Europe). The neotectonic control on sedimentation and rivers (Van vliet-Lanoë B., Vandenberghe N., Bergerat F., Henriet J.P., Mansy J.L., Mielliez F., Lacquement F., Sintubin M. Vandycke S.)
  • Identification of the surface ruptures caused by two large earthquakes of April 14 and 18,1928 in southern Bulgaria (Camelbeeck T., Vanneste K., Verbeeck K., Shanov S., Dimitrov D., Pashova L., Nikolov G., Kostov K.)

Mesozoic and Caenozoic Sedimentary Cover

  • New evidence of Upper Cretaceous deposits in the southern Grands Causses (S France): palaeogeographical consequences (Bruxelles L., Tronchetti G.)

  • Seismostratigraphy of the Chalk Group in the Dutch Central Graben (Van der Molen A.S., Wong Th.E.)
  • Multidisciplinary study of the wealden deposits of the Mons Basin (Belgium): a progress report (Yans J., Spagna P., Foucher J.C., PerruchoT A., Streel M.,Beaunier P., Robaszynski F., Dupuis C.
  • Pyritized diatoms of upper Palaeocene and lower Eocene interval in the Paris Basin (borehole of Saint-Josse and Cap d’Ailly section, N France) (Van Eetvelde Y., Tronchetti G.)
  • Improved regional correlation of the Palaeogene of the southern Dutch North Sea using a sequence stratigraphic approach (de Lugt I.R.)
  • Sequence-stratigraphic significance and comparative REE-fractionation patterns of Rupelian glaucony concentrates and Famennian oolitic ironstons (Belgium) (Laenen B., Dreesen R., Roelandts I.)
  • Integrated chronostratigraphy of marine Plio-Pleistocene sediments of the southern North Sea and its extrapolation to the regional depositional system (Kuhlmann G., Wong Th.E.)
  • A multi-disciplinary study of Late-Caenozoic sedimentary processes on the eastern slope of the Porcupine Seabight, southwest of Ireland (Van Rooij D., Foubert A., Nys M., Blamart D., Kozachenko M., Henriet J.P.)
  • Importance of pedogenic factors in the spatial distribution of some soil properties in the Belgian Loess Belt. II some loess-substratum contacts (Colinet G., Lacroix D., Bock L.)
  • Multi-scale and interdisciplinary approach to quantify weathering/erosion in coastal cliff environments: Baie des Chaleurs area (Canada) (Daigneault M., Buy B., Bouchardon J.L., Ozouf J.C.)

Paleozoic Basin Dynamics

  • The tectonometamorphic history of the Brabant Massif (Belgium): the state of the art (Sintubin M., Debacker T.N., Verniers J.)

  • Timing and duration of the progressive deformation of the Brabant Massif (Belgium)(Debacker T.N., Sintubin M., Verniers J.)
  • Overview of the Upper Ordovician of the Fauquez area (Brabant Massif, Belgium), lithostratigraphy, biostratigraphy, geological map and structures (Van Grootel G., Verniers J., Debacker T.N.)
  • Structural analysis of the northern part of the Condroz Inlier at Ombret (Belgium) (Valcke S. Debacker T.N.)
  • Biostratigraphy with chitinozoans and lithostratigraphy of the Tier d’Olne hill (Ombret, Condroz Inlier, Belgium) (Vanmeirhaeghe J., Verniers J.)
  • Segmentation of the Variscan thrust front (N France, S Belgium): Insights into the geometry of the Devonian Rheno-Hercynian Basin (Averbuch O., Lacquement F., Szaniawski R., Mansy J.L., Lewandowski M.)
  • Thermal history of Palaeozoic rocks in the Meuse Valley between Charleville-Mézières and Namur (France, Belgium) assessed from zircon fission track data (Brix M.R.)
  • Recognition and implication of tectonic loading re-heating in the late Palaeozoic succession of the Dinant Synclinorium (Belgium, N France) based on an illite crystallinity and oxygen isotope study (Han G., Yans J., Goudalier M., Lacquement F., Corfield R.M., Mansy J.L., Boulvain F., Préat A.)
  • The origin of tourmalines and tourmalinites in the conglomerates of the Burnot Formation (Belgium): new petrographic and geochemical evidence (Corteel C., Van den Haute P.)
  • Tetrapodomorpha from the Upper Famennian Evieux Formation of the Dinant Synclinorium (Belgium) and their bearing on the palaeoenvironment of the origin of tetrapods (Clément G.)
  • Graphic Correlation of Middle Devonian sections (from Taifler to Villers-le-Gambon, Belgium) (Gouwy S., Bultynck P.)
  • From carbonate mounds to off-mounds sediment: sedimentology and sediment correlation (Boulvain F., Humblet M.)
  • Sedimentology and correlations of Middle Frasnian platform sections (from Tailfer to Villers-le-Gambon, Belgium) (Da Silva A.C., Michel L., Boulvain F.)
  • Dichtomous filamentous dolomite crystal growth in the Lower Carboniferous from northern France: a possible direct production of fungal activity? (Kolo K., Mamet B., Préat A.)
  • Sur les difficultés d’interprétation des hiatus stratigraphiques (Mamet B., Préat A.)
  • The first Frasnian coral rise and the palaeoecology of the Aisémont Formation in the eastern part of the Namur Syncline (Belgium) (Poty E., Chevalier E.)
  • An important hiatus in the youngest Westphalian C and earliest Westphalian D strata of the Campine Basin (N Belgium) (Van Ameron H.W.J., Van Tongeren P.C.H.)

Palaeoenvironment: Linking Data and Models

  • Possible causes of the global cooling trend during the Eemian (Loutre M.F., Crucifix M., Cortijo E., Sanchez Goni M.F.)

  • New data on the chronostratigraphy of karstic sequences in Belgium the role of prehistoric sites (Pirson S.)
  • U/Th dating of speleothems and Ardenne rivers incision: the example of the Lomme River and the Rochefort Caves (Belgium) (Quiny Y.)
  • Paleosols and inferred paleoclimatology in the Condroz Sandstone (Upper Famenian, northeastern part of the Dinant synclinorium, Belgium) (Thorez J.)
  • La fantômisation des calcaires bajociens sur le Causse du Larzac (France) (Bruxelles L.)
  • Calcite cementation of screes: palaeoclimatic implications (Verhaert G., Muchez Ph., Sintubin M., Zeelmaekers E.)
  • Geochemistry of sclerosponges and bivalves (Verheyen S., Gillikin D., Vandenginste V., De Ridder F., Navez J., André L., Dehairs F., Keppens E., Willenz P.)

Fluids in Geological Processes

  • Palaeofluid flow within the evolution of sedimentary basins: principles and examples from the Carboniferous of Belgium (Muchez Ph., Sintubin M.)

  • Extensional tectonism and the formation of Zn-Pb deposits IN Western and Central Europe (Muchez Ph., Heijlen W., Schneider J.)
  • “Boudins” in the High-Ardenne Slate Belt (Belgium): The state of the art (Kenis I., Sintubin M., Muchez Ph., Urai J., Verhaert G., Vanderzee W.)
  • Fluid circulation during the Variscan metamorphism in the Rocroi Massif (Ardennes, France): a combined study of fluid inclusions and mass transfer of chemical elements (Coquinet Y., Dubois M., Potdevin J.L., Laureyns J.)
  • Trace element and stable isotope geochemistry of pyrites in the Lower Palaeozoic of the Anglo-Brabant fold belt (Belgium): implications for the origin of the mineralising fluids (Dewaele S., Muchez Ph., Boyce A., De Vos W., Wautier J.)
  • Diagenesis at sequence boundaries without lowstand deposits in open marine Lower Carboniferous limestones (Belgium) (Smeesters A., Muchez Ph., Keppens E.)
  • Geochemistry of bitter brines in the Salar de Coipasa (Bolivia) (Lebrun V., Pacosillo P., Gutierrez J., Caceres F., Pool E., Pirard E.)
  • Carbonate diagenesis in foreland fold-and-thrust belts: examples from the SUBTRAP Consortium Project (Swennen R., Ferket H., Benchilla L., Roure F., Ellam R., SUBTRAPteam)

Hydrogeology and Environmental Geology

  • Building data-bases in view of the large-scale hydrogeological modelling of Flanders (Cools J., Meyus Y., Batelaan O., De Smedt F.)

  • Influence of atmospheric pressure on measured phreatic water table levels on interfluvial hills near Leuven (Central Belgium) (De Smet D, De Smedt P.)

  • Stochastic determination of the capture zones for the well field ‘Het Rot’ (Belgium) (Feyen L., Dessalegn M., De Smedt F., Batelaan O., Gebremeskel S., Orban Ph., Dassargues A.)
  • Advantages and limitations of inverse modelling (automatic calibration) applied in complex and heterogeneous groundwater conditions (Orban Ph., Dassargues A.)
  • Development of a groundwater model for some small sub-catchments of the Dender River (N Belgium) (Verbeiren B., Batelaan O, De Smedt F.)
  • Multicomponent reactive modelling of ammonium contamination at a former coal carbonisation plant (Haerens B, Dassargues A., Prommer H., Lerner D.)
  • Some hydrogeological and geothermal considerations of the Drinos-Saranda area (S Albania) (Gjoka M., Buzi X.)
  • Hydrogeochemical characterisation and classification of karstic springs in high waters. The case of Sierras Subbéticas aquifer (south of Cordoba, Spain) (Bouamama M., Lopez Chicano M.)
  • 3D density dependent numerical model of a tracer test performed in the Belgian coastal plain (Vandenbohede A., Lebbe L.)
  • Heavy metals and arsenic in alluvial sedimentsof the Grote Beek river (N Belgium): contribution of natural and antropogenic sources (Cappuyns V., Swennen R., De Nil K.)
  • Influence of geological substrate on the geochemical composition of soils: a study of profiles developed on the Minette and slates of Luxembourg (Horckmans L., Swennen R., Deckers S., Maquil R.)
  • Waste mineralogy of two sites in Flanders polluted by former ore treatment plants (Van Herreweghe S., Swennen R., Ottenburgs R.)
  • Westphalian fluvial sandstone bodies of the Campine Basin (Belgium): possible reservoirs for CO2-sequestration? (Lagrou D., Bertier P., Swennen R.)

Engineering Geology and Geology of Construction Materials

  • Fracture analysis in the Boom Clay (UFR, Mol, Belgium) (Dehandschutter B., Sintubin M., Vandenberghe N., Vandycke S., Gaviglio P., Wouters L.)

  • Characterisation of a limestone deposit by ground penetrating radar (Grégoire C., Halleux L.)
  • Modeling slope stability using GIS on a regional scale (De Vleeschauwer C., De Smedt F.)
  • The valorisation of municipal solid waste incineration residues as aggregate substitutes in concrete (Nielsen P., Dutré V., Laenen B., Dreesen R., Van Rossem D.)
  • The suitability of some Belgian Tertiary clays as construction material for landfill seals: interaction with domestic landfill leachates (Schmidtz R.M., Ourth A.S., Dosquet D., Illing P., Schroeder C., Verbrugge J.C., Bolle A., Charlier R., Thorez J.)
  • Computed versus measured elastic moduli of ingneous and metamorphic rocks usese in the construction sector (Elsen J., Mareels J., Schroeder C.)
  • Characterisation and diagnosis of historical building materials by microscopy and mineralogy (Calebaut K.)
  • Occurrence, geographical spreading and provenance of historical building stones in the province of Limburg (NE Belgium) (Dreesen R., Dusar M.)
  • Archaeometry: mineralogy and geochemistry applied to archaeological investigations (Degryse P.)

Patrick Degryse

Patrick Degryse is professor of geochemistry at the Department of Earth and Environmental Sciences, KU Leuven, and professor of archaeometry at the Faculty of Archaeology, Leiden University.

Manuel Sintubin

Manuel Sintubin is full professor of geodynamics in the Department of Earth and Environmental Sciences at KU Leuven.

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